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  • Harry mid-aged male BC (Brisbane, Qld)

  • Raikou 5 year old classic red and white male BC (Canberra, ACT)

  • Emmett 6 year old classic red and white male BC (Mackay, Qld)

  • Buddy 2 year old male BC (Wilton, NSW)

  • Juniper 4 year old brown and white female BC (possibly cross) (Victor Harbor, SA)

  • Dorian 3.5 year old short coat, black and white male BC cross (Gundaroo, NSW)

  • Ace 5 yo old tan and white, short coat male BC cross (Western Sydney, NSW)

  • Teddy 4 year old black and white classic full coat male BC (Brisbane, Qld)

  • Ben 3 year old white faced, black and white male BC (Gold Coast, QLD)

  • Gemma 6 year old, high energy female BC (Blackwater, QLD)

  • Maxi 18 month old, large black and white male BC (Mt Colah, NSW)

  • Sparky 7.5 year old short coat black and white male BC (Tamworth, NSW)

  • Diesel 5 year old, purebred black and white male BC (Rowville, Vic)

  • Wombat 2 year old, classic chocolate and white male BC (St Kilda, Vic)


Harry --- (posted 6/2/2021) ---

Please note: Ginny has been placed in a new home. Harry is still looking.... These two BCs have a pretty good life on a property, but their owner thinks that they would do better with someone who was able to give them more individual attention. Harry is a big sook who just loves people. He is scared of and agressive towards smaller dogs, including puppies. This may be able to be worked on, but a home with other smaller dogs is not likely to work. Another anxiety is around anything out of place, possibly a canine equivalent of OCD? (BCRA's unsupported description). If something is left out of place in the house Harry will pee on it - where ever it is. This issue needs management and probably work with a behaviourist. Harry is not responsive to training and also cannot be let near chickens. Ginny is very, very smart, will catch a ball with her paws if she can. Her issue is constantly wanting attention. This is probably an anxious behaviour. If you are not giving her attention she will attempt to gain it, and her pawing, clawing, jumping and whinging need management too. Her affection extends to mouth licks if she can catch you unawares. Ginny also licks the furniture, which is also likely to be linked to anxiety. She will shadow you unless she is prevented from doing so. Both these dogs love the cats they know. An experienced BC home is sought for these two. For more info on them please contact Chris at christine@tenue.com.au


Raikou --- (posted 11/5/2021) ---

Raikou (kou) is 5 years old and he was rescued when he was 9 months old. We were the first humans he had met (other than the man that owned him) and our older dog (a mastiff) was the first dog he had ever met. Because he had no interaction with people, dogs or the world in such a vital time as a puppy it has lead to some issues. He has severe anxiety and OCD. (some meds have been trialled, but help from a vet behaviourist seems needed) He is great with other dogs (currently lives with two others) and is great with kids - he has always been around children and seems very gentle with them. Kou's primary issue is separation anxiety when left alone. This has lead to the decision to rehome him, as we are simply not able to be home as much as he needs us. He has obsessively started chasing shadows & running into fences/doors when we aren’t home (neighbours have let us know). He has completed four levels of dog training and is classified as a trained dog in Australia. He is excellent off lead and has great recall, loves fetch and would play for HOURS if he could, loves swimming & water. He is housetrained and slept inside most of his life. He is scared of loud noises ie. trucks/busses going by on walls & thunder which causes him to cower. He is very submissive and scared of particular men in hoods/hat or that are very tall. Only a home ideally set-up to manage Kou's issues will do. For more info on Raikou please contact Zach on 0413476067 or email Zachary.treacy@hotmail.com


Emmett --- (posted 14/6/2021) ---

Emmett is an attractive classic boy in need of an experienced BC home. His previous life has seen him poorly socialised with people, especially children. A home with no children, and a commitment to manage Emmett and develop his social skills is essential. At present he considers himself a guard dog of his premises, and although he can be introduced to new people, his current first reflex will be to aggressively see people off. Emmett has also not been socialised with other dogs. In a comfortable environment he is a very playful dog and in the office he plays with a basketball. He probably has an underlying good nature but would have to be retrained with new owners to be less fearful and protective. His last visit to the vet was in January 2021. Emmett is chipped and is registered with the local Mackay Regional Council. For more info on Emmett please contact Steve on 0403189458


Buddy --- (posted 24/8/2021) ---

Buddy is a desexed, healthy, lovely natured, lively 2 year old border collie who has an extremely high hunt/herd and prey drive. For this reason Buddy cannot be left to run free outside the yard. He always needs ot be on a lead and under control. He can totally entertain himself. Buddy has been allowed too much freedom in his early years which has resulted in some bad traits. Buddy is able to follow simple commands in a quiet unstimulated environment. He has a wonderful nature but is a very busy boy. Our trainer has no trouble at all working with him and advises that in the right hands and with some desensitising he will make an active, firm owner a wonderful companion. Buddy needs a secure yard, from which he cannot escape, no matter what the temptation might be on the other side of the fence. For more info on Buddy please email: redhead1@ bigpond.net.au.


Juniper --- (posted 2/9/2021) ---

Juniper is approx 4 years old, currently in her second home (for 3 1/2 years). Juniper didn't have a good start in her first home, and this left her quite hard to train initially. She is brown and white with speckles, reportedly including kelpie, but she looks like a BC, and has a fairly fluffy full coat. Juniper is desexed and microchipped. She is good with chickens, cats and children, and she’s mostly good with other dogs as far as I’ve witnessed. She is loyal and listens to basic commands. She is a little over weight. This is due to an inherent difficulty walking her, as she is poor on the lead. This needs work, as like all BCs she would love to be out exploring. But if it is really hard work to take her walking, it won't happen. Walking at night has been one option, but it isn't always feasible. If she doesnt get regular exercise an gets bored, then she will escape to find something better to do. A secure yard will be needed to ensure that this doesn't become an option in her new home. Juniper loves people and is affection hungry. For more info on Juniper please contact Meg. Please text in the first instance on 0435038461.


Dorian --- (posted 10/9/2021) ---

Dorian is an endearing-looking black and white fellow, but he has a very strong prey drive, and if allowed to run loose he will chase and even kill livestock. Dorian needs an experienced BC home which can manage him appropriately, specifically never letting him run loose and have the opportunity to chase stock or domestic animals. Although no issues have occurred, a dog with such a strong prey drive would be quite unsuitable for interaction with small children, and this too will need to be managed. A secure fenced yard will be a necessity. Pool fencing keeps him safe and secure in his current home. Dorian is very energetic and he loves to run. He sits on command and will respond and come to his name. Once he was on the track of some prey his recall would probably disappear. For more info on Dorian please contact Peter at mrmiyagi04@gmail.com


Ace --- (posted 21/9/2021) ---

Ace is a much loved boy whose family is regretfully having to rehome him. One family member has a worsening allergy to Ace's fur, and with continued lockdowns and the additional exposure this has caused, this sad decision has had to be made. Ace is a cute boy, half BC and half Kelpie with a bit of husky and other breeds. He is a very affectionate boy, with no behavioural issues, except a responding bark is something bangs into the other side of the yard fence. He loves the man of the house, and waits for him, enjoying pottering around with him. He is not formally house-trained, as due to the allergy issue he has had to be an outside dog. He does like to sneak inside and sit with his master tho. Ace happily lived with another older dog (bullmastiffXstaffy) until she sadly passed on earlier this year. Ace knows basic commands. He needs to be desexed. For more info on this boy please contact Madison at madisongergi@gmail.com


Teddy --- (posted 21/9/2021) ---

Teddy is a stunning classic BC boy. He is being rehomed because his family situation has changed and it has been discovered that Teddy is really scared of small children. This is unfortunately common with BCs. Teddy is the best mate of the 11 yo boy of the household, and a new home with teenage children or only adults is sought. Teddy loves a snuggle, on the lounge, on the bed, he's not fussy. He wants a home that loves cuddles as much as he does. Teddy is housetrained, and recently desexed. He loves going on walks and he is a pleasure to walk. He is a great guard dog and will always let you know when someone is in the yard. He doesn't bark at 'nothing'. If he gets scared by something he may try and jump on your lap to reassure him he is safe. If you are looking for a BC companion who will be part of an older family, then please contact Rikki at r.mcclintock@hotmail.com


Ben --- (posted 29/10/2021) ---

Ben is a striking looking young fellow with an all white face and one white leg. He is seeking a home experienced with anxious, poorly socialised BCs. He has anxiety issues and this has made him a difficult dog for his current owner. He gets distressed if separated from his owner, and became depressed when an attempt was made to surrender him to a shelter. Ben has gotten along fine with the two childnre in his household, but in a new home adults only would be preferred. Ben's anxiety also leads him to bark at any visitors. He doesn't walk well on lead and he is anxious when he sees another dog. He has some basic training, and will sit, and shake hands. For more info on Ben please contact Amy at amy.mcewing5@gmail.com


Gemma --- (posted 29/10/2021) ---

Gemma is a 6 year old fun loving, high energy border collie in need of a new home with lots of space and time. Gemma is very intelligent, trainable and loving. Gemma lived in suburbia for 4.5 years with owners who worked full time which she found unsuitable because of her high energy needs. She was bored and barked a lot. She was rehomed with a central qld farmer for the last 18 months as a companion dog. Gemma accompanied the farmer as she did her daily work so she is conditioned to being around cattle, horses, ponies etc. Gemma enjoys the company of other dogs but doesn't require it. Gemma needs to he rehomed because she has a tendency to bark continuously through thunder storms and the farm worker is not allowed to keep her for this reason. She would suit being on a farm, hobby farm or acreage where she can have outdoor sleeping far away from the house during thunder storms, or where her new home is far from neighbours, and where she can be involved in her owner's daily life. Gemma doesn't require constant attention but does need mental and physical stimulation every day. For more info on Gemma please email lisa_chapman01@hotmail.com.


Maxi --- (posted 1/11/2021) ---

An extensive listing has been developed on the pet rescue website. Please see that information here


Sparky --- (posted 11/11/2021) ---

Sparky is a great companion. He has lots of energy. He's also a cute looking boy with one blue eye. His birthdate is 17/3/2014. Sparky has had a few issues with other dogs, probably influenced by his early history in an unsatisfactory home. He seem OK with strange dogs, until any dominance is shown, then he will aggressively defend himself. His current home has small children who cannot yet be taught how to interact with Sparky. Whilst he doesn't mind the children, a home where he can have some peace is sought. Sparky is house trained, and has always been inside with his family since they got him nearly 7 years ago. Recent downsizing from a large property to a small one, means he no longer has the space to run around. Sparky needs to go to a home where he has company and space, he loves walks, and cuddles. Some experience with a dog who is uncertain in the presence of strange dogs is also desirable. For more info on Sparky please contact Esther at esther.gillett37@gmail.com


Diesel --- (posted 16/11/2021) ---

Diesel is a lovely looking boy who walks well off lead, and gets along OK with most other dogs. However, Diesel has serious anxiety and resource guarding issues (including his kennel, his food, and his rear end when you are trying to groom him) and he will bite you if you intrude. A strategy to manage and improve this behaviour is needed in a new home. Diesel has been with his same family since he was a pup, and is a loyal and obedient boy when not feeling anxious. Only an experienced home will do for this boy. Diesel is used to being outdoors, and getting lots of exercise. He is very fit and up to date with all vet work. If you think you might have the experience and the rescources to help this boy, then please contact Brad on 0418 325 018


Wombat --- (posted 26/11/2021) ---

Wombat is a gorgeous boy who is trained, desexed and microchipped. Wombat has been raised since a pup with a loving family with 2 girls aged 11 and 13yo. He is their best friend - joining them in the park, on the beach and on the couch for cuddles. Wombat loves attention and will paw you for more scratches and pats. Wombat's issue is that he has become too possessive of the kids which has led to some biting incidents with visitors. Wombat needs a new home to reset this issue and avoid a repeat - preferably someone experienced with BC's and without young kids. Wombat sleeps inside and runs every day with us off leash. He does get the zoomies at 9pm a little and wants his own space when tired at night. He loves riding in the car and insists on joining us everywhere. He likes other dogs and tries to get chased by them. He has many many sleep overs with others (without incidence). Wombat has experience with Melbourne Dog Trainers and is a member of the Woofers World playdate team. He enjoys treats and would be very open to more training. For more information, please contact Tim at tim.maddock@i2ilogic.com

For details on each dog please contact the listed owner, and for general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


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