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  • Randy 9.5 year old short coat female BC cross German Coolie (Narre Warren, Vic)

  • Finn 11 month old apricot and white male BC (Victoria)

  • Sadie 5 year old chocolate female BC (Batemans Bay)

  • Daisy 5 year old red and white female BC (Glenmore Park, NSW)

  • Riley 5 year old tricolour male BC cross kelpie (Tasmania)

  • Betty 3 year old black and white female BC (Newcastle, NSW)

  • Patch 18 month old male BC (Melbourne, Vic)

  • Neddy 4 year old male BC (Ingleburn, NSW)


Randy --- (posted 22/3/2022) ---

Randy was a rescue dog and has had a wonderful five years in her current home. Randy is a very gentle dog, she is totally ball obsessed and absolutely loves going for walks and for playing ball. She is very pampered, as she sleeps on my bed, or anywhere she pleases. She is however very anxious and has been treated extremely bad by humans in the past. She is scared of rapid movement of feet and hands and will also get distressed if you pick up a broom or a vacuum or a hose or have any item in your hand that she's unfamiliar with. She will shake hands. And is very gentle to take food. She is house trained, and will let out a small bark when she needs to go outside. She is good around other dogs to an extent. When I walk her most of the time she is fine, with the exception of if a dog barks at her, then she will react. She does have epilepsy and is on medication which costs roughly $1.00 a day. She has one tablet half in the morning and a half at night. Her rehoming has been a difficult decision and she needs somebody who will love her unconditionally, as I have. Somebody that will be happy to walk her and play ball with her. She is a very loyal pup. Randy is not destructive either inside or outside and is happy to be both inside and outside and does not suffer from separation anxiety. Unfortunately, she is not good around children, and the presence of young children in the family, and the stress it is causing her, is making it necessary to find her a new home. For more info on Randy please contact Selena at selenasparkes@gmail.com


Finn --- (posted 9/5/2022) ---

Finn is a beautiful 11-month-old Apricot/White border collie. He unfortunately has not had the time spent on him that a border collie should. He sits shakes and stays, however we have yet to master walking. Finn would suit a home with no other pets as he has recently shown some anger toward our other dog. I feel this is due to me being away for extended periods of time for work. I would LOVE for Finn to be homed with a family that will show him massive amounts of love and train him the way he deserves. Finn lives inside and has the choice of inside and outside all day. If you have experience providing a home for an active BC boy then Finn might be the dog for you. For more info on Finn please email Amber at australia2018@outlook.com.au


Sadie --- (posted 12/5/2022) ---

Sadie - wheaten colour female approx 5 years old. Gentle, loving, kind, will tend to want to explore if a gate is left open etc. She has never run away but we accidentally left a side gate open one day and she did decide to take herself for a walk and was picked up by a neighbour. She is good with kids, very gentle, desexed, healthy, loves playing fetch with a ball, loves pats and cuddles, low maintenance coat. No formal training but will sit for dinner, come when her name is called etc. We are very pedantic and picky about who will rehome Sadie to, so we would prefer a new home for her within 3 hours drive of Canberra/Batemans Bay and would like to personally bring Sadie over for a play and meet first. If all is well, then we are happy for Sadie to stay for a week trial run to make sure everyone is happy. For more info on this girl please contact Sheridan at sheridangrixti01@gmail.com


Daisy --- (posted 12/5/2022) ---

Daisy is a 5 year old red and white girl. She is fully vaccinated and desexed and in fantastic health. Daisy is a very loving and affectionate girl, she loves children and never jumps up on them. She does need a bit of work when it comes to jumping up on adults as she gets very excited. Daisy does resrouce guard her food from other pets, and it is thought that a home where she can be the only dog is deirable. She has never shown aggression towards humans, children included, around her food. Daisy lacks confidence around other dogs. Daisy would love a family home, with children. She would love to be part of the family and be let inside the house to relax with the family at times however she loves laying out on the grass too. Training wise she knows basic commands only such as stay, sit, shake and come. She comes when called by her name. She will walk on a leash but prefers to be off leash so she will pull. I've taken her on bushwalks and she stays with me and comes when called, but I wouldn't do this near any road, or parks etc as there is too much going on around her and she may not come. She likes being brushed but she hates the bath. Loves water and swimming in the lake, but the bath - it's a bit of an event. She doesn't mind going to the vet, she gets a bit scared but she isn't hard to get there and never aggressive towards the vet. Interstate rehomings will not be considered, new home must be NSW, and driving distance. For info on Daisy please contact Rachel at rr.butterworth@outlook.com


Riley --- (posted 17/5/2022) ---

Riley is seeking a home with no small children and no other dogs. His anxieties mean that he is stressed in the presence of both, and he sometimes feels the need to be aggressive to repel both other dogs and children. His body language and signalling of his anxiety with children is good, but it unreasonable to try to keep Riley in a household where he must be separate from the adults in order to keep the children safe. If interacting with an adult he knows and loves, Riley is much happier. Riley's anxieties include loud noises (including cars) and sudden movement (eg falling leaves) so he is very easily startled. Like many anxious dogs, Riley has learned basic commands well and he has a terrific recall. He also loves swimming and playing fetch (all day if you let him). An experienced BC home with the patience to build Riley's confidence, whilst keeping him safe from the scarier things in life is sought. For more info on Riley please contact Amy at amykile94@gmail.com


Betty --- (posted 22/5/2022) ---

Betty - Black and white female 3 years old. Gentle, loving, kind, and loves kids. She is desexed, healthy, loves playing fetch with anything you will throw for her, and loves pats and cuddles. She has been through puppy school and 2 terms of obedience training, and loves and responds very well to training, although her recall needs work. She isn't a fan of loud noises, kookaburras or walking near busy streets, but is trained quite well to walk or run on lead. We are rehoming because of a significant unplanned change in family circumstances and reduced ability to care for her, and are concerned that it is increasing her anxiety (not helped by us living on a suburban block). Like most collies, she needs lots of attention and mental stimulation and she needs a good home with the time she requires. We are picky about the home she will go to so would prefer a home within a couple of hours of Newcastle so we can bring her for a play and meet first. For more info please contact Chris at chrisstade@gmail.com.


Patch --- (posted 28/6/2022) ---

Patch is a beautiful 18 month old BC boy. We have moved for work from country Victoria where he had a big back yard and daily bush walks to a very busy urban environment. Patch is struggling to adapt to living in a busy overstimulating urban environment and we would love to find a loving experienced BC home where he has space to roam and play freely. Patch is a lover of life and full of energy and fun. He loves off leash adventures at the beach or on bush tracks and loves ball games. He will happily relax for several hours after a big run and loves settling down with a good bone to chew. We have put a lot of time and effort into training and loving Patch and he will need a strong and calm leader in his new home. Patch's stress in his current home is showing in his reaction and aggression towards other dogs we walk past while he is on leash. And he is redirecting some stress onto our other dog who is very gentle and submissive. For more info on Patch please contact katelyn.d.samson@gmail.com


Neddy --- (posted 28/6/2022) ---

Neddy, 4 year old black and white male BC, Ingleburn, NSW Neddy is a 4 year old fully vaccinated and desexed BC . He is energetic, loveable, fun and most of all loyal. He loves to go wherever you go and would make a great companion! He loves to cuddle and enjoys being brushed. He knows basic commands such as sit, stay and will sometimes come when called. Neddy would be great as an inside or outside dog, but he loves to be around people! Neddy loves going for walks and you can take him off leash as long as it’s in a park, not near roads. He does have anxiety and is on medication for it. He doesn’t like loud sounds such as thunder, fireworks etc. Neddy can be a bit unsure about other dogs so I would suggest him going to a home that doesn’t have other pets. All I want for Neddy is the best in life, I rescued him, fed him, gave him all my love but now it’s time for him to find his forever home! For more info on Neddy please contact Larissa at larissa.pastor@live.com.au

For details on each dog please contact the listed owner, and for general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


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