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  • Penny and Phoebe Two 7 year old female BC Maremma cross twins (Victoria Park, QLD)

  • Rusty 13 month old chocolate and white male BC (Blue Mountains, NSW)

  • Lexa Almost 8 year old classic black and white female BC (Ingleburn, NSW)

  • Raf and Molly a pair of 6 year old male and female BCs (Echuca, Vic)

  • MacKenzie 12 month old black and white male BC (Edens Landing, QLD)

  • Willis 10 year old male black and white BC (Perth, WA)

  • Barkley 5.5 year old black and white male BC (Bonnells Bay, NSW)

  • Maggie 2.5 year old female BC (Raymond Terrace, NSW)

  • Maggie II 18 month old pedigree black and white female BC (Dural, NSW)

  • Cooper 20 month old male BC (Throsby, ACT)

  • Harvey 2 year old lilac male BC (East Melbourne, Vic)

  • Bowie 5 year old blue merle female BC (Somers, Vic)

  • Hara 2 year old tricolour pedigree female BC (Canberra, ACT)

  • Gypsy and Marley Two 8 year old female BC sisters (Mornington Peninsular, Vic)

  • Barney 6 year old male BC (Old Bar, NSW)

  • Lexie 8 year old female BC Blue heeler cross (nr Hobart, Tas)


Penny and Phoebe --- (posted 5/3/2023) ---

Penny and Phoebe are 7 years old. They grew up on acreage with a dam. Inside outside dogs. At home they ate one meal a day of the very best meat roll and kibble for working dogs. They are family oriented and have never seen a farm or sheep or cows. Their current vets are Koala Park. All of their records are there on file. They love children and are passive and are loyal. A change in family circumstances means that they have to find a new home. A good family on acreage is sought to keep them happy. For the past 8 months they have been boarding at Shady acres and I can no longer afford to keep them there. I take them out every Saturday for 5 hours. They swim at Thompsons Beach (paddle) Love walks. Know commands like left and right and right back. They are perceptive. They are loyal to kind people. They are very good socially. However, with the maremmma in them, they are stubborn when they want to be. I give them uncooked bones from the butchers and chicken necks as treats. Previously had 6 free range chickens. Penny and Phoebe never bothered them. They barked at the postman and avoided some tradies. If you have the desire for a ready made working dog family,with some space and the time to give them some fun exercise, then Penny and Phoebe are waiting to hear from you. For more info please contact kristanryan@icloud.com


Rusty --- (posted 31/3/2023) ---

Rusty needs a new home. This is a regretful decision that I don't make lightly. In fact it's taken a long time to work out that Rusty is just not a suburban dog. This is Rusty's second home, I've had him for 4 months, training with a dog behaviourist weekly. He is fun and affectionate but he is however an anxious/reactive dog. His isolation/lack of socialization when young means that he was frightened of everything, he missed out on meeting the world. He's come along way, is fine now with all household appliances etc, and loves living in a house bit still needs a lot of work. He's a wonderful dog, silly, keen, affectionate and oh so handsome! He's great at self entertaining, zoomies are one of his favourite things, loves his toys (watch out for your socks tho, he eats them.) A solid strategy/commitment to continue to train him is needed to help him manage his fear reactivity and become comfortable with the world. He barks /lunges at strangers, dog walkers, slow calm introductions on the lead, advocating for him help a lot. He is scared of thunderstorms, but again a calm response with his lead on helps him dramatically. An upcoming change in my circumstances means I cannot look after him and continue with his training. I have teenagers with friends dropping over and his reactivity is stressful for all involved. Blackheath is a busy place with lots of dog walkers, this environment is difficult for him at the moment. I believe it all will resolve with a structure around his issues. He is a good boy, willing to please you at every chance, and will turn into the greatest dog with time and compassion. Contact Anne: anne@eyelightlamps.com or 0497288153


Lexa --- (posted 30/4/2023) ---

Lexa will be 8 on July 31st. She is a pure bred black and white long hair collie, a very pretty girl. Lexa is very intelligent like most BCs and also like many BCs, she has a considerable level of anxiety. Lexa isn't good with other dogs or animals. A home is sought where she can be an only pet. She needs continued development with positive reinforcement for interactions that cause her anxiety. An experienced home is needed. Lexa loves people. While she hasn't had any professional training she is house trained and knows to sit. She loves playing fetch and she doesn't bark much. After living with other BCs for some years, the dogs are no longer getting along, and injuries due to fights have occurred. The only solution seems to be to give them the opportunity to live happier separate lives. Lexa is also reactive to noise and she hates storms and any loud noises. She loves walks, she goes twice a day but is very nervous around other dogs walking. Lexa is desexed, micro chipped and fully vaxed and up to date. If you are an experienced home who might be able to give Lexa a more settled life, please contact Brooke at: shorty025@hotmail.com


Raf and Molly --- (posted 15/6/2023) ---

Rapha and Molly (6yo) are two wonderful border collies. We have been their sole owners since puppies and love them dearly. They are inside/outside dogs and are house trained. They both know basic commands: sit/ drop/ stay/ come/ find it/ wait for meals or treats/ and have ok recall. We walk in the bush off lead and they stay nearby. Will chase roos or birds but come back. They both bark at things like the lawn mower or vacuum cleaner and Molly will dig if bored. Rapha is anxious and chases shadows and is a bit restless. He is prescribed fluoxetine which works well and we have tried weaning him multiple times but is always more settled on it. They love pats, sniff walks and runs, swimming, fetch, cuddles on the lounge or floor from adults. Molly doesn't like grooming. Raf likes it. There have been two incidents of Rapha snapping at our 2.5yo daughter when frightened by her. They usually love playing fetch with her, they are cautious and avoid at other times. Please contact us if you are experienced with border collies and have no young children (toddler and below). Happy to discuss our reasons for re-homing in person/ on the phone. Located Echuca/Moama. Contact Sarah on s.mark@live.com.au.


MacKenzie --- (posted 28/6/2023) ---

Mackenzie is a 12 month old black and white desexed male. He is going to need some time to get used to the right owners he is very wary/anxious of people he doesn't know and has a very loud and scary bark but he is the most loving boy once he is comfortable. Unfortunately with the rising cost in living both my husband and I are working full-time and we just don't have the time to give Mackenzie the life he deserves, he is currently tied up when we go to work and the neighbours are complaining he is barking the whole time, he is also digging and chewing anything in sight. He is very intelligent and would do incredible with agility training or any training for that matter. He needs a large yard and possibly another dog to keep him company. He loves water and hikes and being with his people. With the time and training he will be an incredible addition to the right home. He is very anxious and will need someone patient to help him with this but he is the sweetest boy if you give him a chance. For more info on this boy please contact Aleasha at leasha_76@hotmail.com


Willis --- (posted 15/7/2023) ---

Willis is a big, beautiful, fluffy 10 year old male (desexed and microchipped) border collie. He's very affectionate and loves people, having said that part of our very sad decision to rehome him is he's not been great with our very young kids (to be fair they can be quite rough with him). He's never harmed them, however he does occasionally growl at them which makes us nervous. He seems to be good with older kids though. Willis is happiest outside and running around or sitting on the couch with you. Unfortunately, he wasn't well socialised as a puppy and doesn't always get along with other dogs (or cats, I definitely wouldn't rehome him with a cat), having said that he's been best mates with a sausage dog most of his life, so it's a bit of a mystery what dog he will take a liking to or not - you will know pretty quickly whether he's taking a liking to another dog or not. (seems to have more trouble socialising with other male dogs - although this isn't a hard and fast rule.) Another challenge we've had with Willis is he hates the sound of traffic lights and wants to run away from them as quickly as possible which can be challenging on walks. He is pretty relaxed around the house but can be a little barky at birds in the evening. He can be a little barky but we've never had neighbours complain so I don't think it's a huge issue. For more info on Willis please contact chriswoodvine@gmail.com


Barkley --- (updated 28/8/2023) ---

Barkley is looking for a new home, preferably with another dog or owners who are home most of the time. Barkley is microchipped, registered, vaccinated, and desexed. He is a black and white male, 5.5yo. Unfortunately, the owners' work situations have changed and he can become quite anxious when he's home alone. Barkley is medicated for anxiety and this works well, but we find he's happiest with another dog/human as a companion - this is the most important requirement for him. Barkley is not a fan of babies, but does well with toddlers and older children. He is incredibly loving and eager to please his humans. He is social with other dogs and humans, and he currently lives with a cat whom he ignores. He does best with 30-45 minutes of exercise a day, but would happily do more if it meant spending time with his humans. He is an inside/outside dog and sleeps inside. He is great with grooming and bathing, and is great in the car. Barkley barks at motorbikes and squawking cockatoos but calms quickly once they're gone. Barkley is incredibly obedient and eager to please, for example he knows he's not allowed on the carpet and never steps a foot out of line in this way. He is toilet-trained and knows all basic commands. We live in Bonnells Bay, NSW and are open to a 2-week trial for the right home, but unfortunately interstate travel is not an option. For more info please contact Elizabeth at elizabethmgwilt@gmail.com


Maggie --- (posted 18/7/2023) ---

Maggie is a beautiful girl who would prefer to be an only dog. She is no longer getting along with the other older dog in the household, and this disruption needs to be curtailed. Attention given to the other dog is provoking fights, so a new home where Maggie can be the centre of attention is sought. A home with no young children would also be wise, as Maggie is not experienced with them. Maggie was born 29/01/2021- she's now 2.5 years old. She has basic manners. She will sit and shake. She loves treats! She can sit and wait for her food. She still jumps on people, at times, when she's excited. She has recently started digging too. Maggie needs more stimulation, exercise and training than her current home can manage. For more info on Maggie please contact Lisa at lisafellows1975@gmail.com


Maggie II --- (posted 8/8/2023) ---

Maggie is a friendly and affectionate female dog. Black and white in colour and very healthy and active. She loves spending time with her owner and other dog on property at Dural. She would love an owner who has time to play with her and exercise her on a property with a large backyard or acreage. She is a pedigree with all papers and vaccination records. For more info on Maggie please contact Rod at rodcartledge@outlook.com


Cooper --- (posted 9/8/2023) ---

Cooper is a 20 month old, desexed male Border Collie. My wife bought him as a semi- retirement dog for herself but has been working 7 days a week for most of the past year. He is a lovely dog and has had some training and can walk well on leash. He is very defensive of his food and the breeder says that he was the boss of the litter in that respect. There are two smaller, older dogs at home and he gets along well with them but would like them to be more playful, same for the cat. Cooper doesn't spend much time alone at home so he hasn't developed any boredom related bad habits. Our main concern is that if he gets loose from our yard due to human error he will run up to people and bark aggressively and we have even seen him grab a truck driver by his pants leg. He does not like trucks and also wants to chase scooters and bicycles which makes us very nervous. Currently the excitement of freedom overcomes his training and catching him can be a strenuous and time consuming activity. Given that our business commitment look like increasing, we think Cooper deserves a home where he can be given the education and attention he needs by people who know and love Border Collies. Cooper has not had contact with small children or sheep, and home with no children is sought Cooper needs an experienced home which will work with him to increase his self-confidence, and not feel he needs to aggress to make strangers keep their distance. For more info on Cooper please contact Peter at petercook474@gmail.com


Harvey --- (posted 11/8/2023) ---

We are looking for a wonderful home for our 2yo lilac male, Harvey. We are located in South East Melbourne. He is vaccinated, microchipped and desexed. Harvey's happiness is very important to us and for this reason we are seeking a more suitable home for him. Harvey has a strong drive, can be anxious and is very easily over stimulated. We have had to begin keeping him inside when we are at work as a result of barking and council complaints. He is still anxious and barking inside and whilst quiet for the neighbours, we feel as though this unfair on him to get in this state. We believe that he would suit a large property or a home where someone is home most of the time with him. He is friendly with some other dogs, but others he is not. It is a bit hit and miss. Harvey is best friends with our cat although he will sometimes chase and scare her. We have an 8 yo child whom Harvey loves but we find him a bit unpredictable especially with younger children. There have been times where he has nipped at legs etc while playing when he is over excited. If you believe that you could provide a great home for Harvey, please get in contact. We are prepared to wait to find the perfect home. The main reason that we are looking at rehoming him is due to barking and numerous council complaints. We are no longer able to keep him outside so he is locked inside when we are at work. He is still barking non stop when he is inside but it is at least a bit quiter for people in the meantime. We have had 2 dog trainers are cannot 100% establish if it is boredom or anxiety or a combination of both. So we gave tried to mentally and physically exhausted him as much as possible before work and got a dog walking during the day. We have also had him on natural calming supplements and food. Unfortunately it is only getting worse, not better. We feel as though the next option from the vet and trainers is a prescription medication. Whilst I am not 100% against medication, we feel if we have to have him locked up inside and on medication when he could potentially find a better home with more land/stimulation/time with people, we would be selfish to keep him. For mor info on Hrvey please contact Simone at simonemakin89@hotmail.com


Bowie --- (posted 11/9/2023) ---

An unfortunate change in circumstances sees Bowie looking for a new home. Bowie is a beautiful, healthy, energetic girl. She may be best in a single dog home, or with another easy going dog, as she likes to be in charge. She gets along OK with other dogs, and is friendly with them once she gets to know them. Bowie has no experience with cats. She is fine around chickens and other birds. She is also not worried by children. Bowie is microchipped and desexed. For more info on this lovely girl please contact Bill at billmitc@gmail.com


Hara --- (posted 13/9/2023) ---

Hara is an affectionate and lively 2y/o girl, a black/brown and white long haired purebred pup with papers, desexed, microchipped, all vaccinations and check ups are up to date. Generally social and curious, loves to chase, play games and go exploring. Loves the water. Well behaved with basic understanding of commands, never barks, gentle with children, can be anxious and is timid when encountering aggression or sudden and loud noise. Walks on a lead, will tear ahead for the first fifteen minutes and then will settle alongside you. Happy and content in secure outdoors, requires housetraining if left indoors on her own for longer periods. Ideally, would love attentive and patient new home and active people and will thrive with focused and/or professional training and development. Please email me Anna if you have any questions, floatingtriangle7@gmail.com


Gypsy and Marley --- (posted 21/9/2023) ---

Gypsy and Marley are beautiful 8 year old girls who are big love bugs. Gypsy loves her ball and will chase it all day, whereas Marley just likes to carry hers in her mouth. It is with great sadness that they need to be rehomed, as their owner recently passed away. They cannot be separated as they are sisters and bonded. They also need space to run free.They are located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. For more info on this pair please contact christinemcmaster@me.com


Barney --- (posted 21/9/2023) ---

Barney is a 6 year old male Border Collie, microchipped and vaccinated. He is a very friendly dog who loves children, other dogs and cats. Barney is well trained, knowing basic commands as well as some extra tricks like 'speaking' and spinning. Barney walks well with a Halti but also loves being off the lead and will come back when commanded. Barney loves a ball, chasing bubbles, swimming and running at any chance he has. He will spend hours playing with the children around the yard as they play and catching the bubbles they blow. He does not dig or chew. Barney does not like storms, barks at kookaburras and is allergic to pork. Unfortunately we have made the decision to surrender Barney as our suburban yard is simply not big enough and our busy family, work and business owning schedule just does not allow us to give him the time he deserves and needs. Barney will love to be a part of a family that loves him and dedicates their time to him. He really is a very friendly, energetic and loveable pup. For more information please contact Erika at erikablackwood93@gmail.com


Lexie --- (posted 21/9/2023) ---

Lexie is a very sweet girl who adores people big and small, but she does not get on with other dogs & cats, including our other dog and our cat. Unfortunately, Lexie intimidates and at times will physically attack Georgie, who is a senior dog at 13yo. These attacks have become more frequent, and as Georgie is ageing and a bit more frail, we are concerned about her safety and want her to feel secure in her home. We have had several behavioural vet consults and plans created, which we are happy to share with interested parties. Lexie has never been aggressive towards people in our experience, and we have had her since she was 10 weeks old. We are looking for a home where Lexie will be the only pet so she can feel more at ease and thrive with one-on-one time with her person/people. Ideally, someone retired or who is home quite a bit, who enjoys gardening and being outside and would love her company. Lexie is on two long-term vet-prescribed medications which we are happy to discuss and possibly contribute towards going forward. Lexie is toilet trained, uses dog doors easily, will sit, drop, roll over, shake, 'find' when asked and she is generally very willing to please. She goes well in cars but is scared of riding in ute trays, and is very polite and gentle at the vet. She is happy walking on a lead (can zigzag/pull at times) but is quite good if you want to take her on lead for a jog. Her favourite things are chasing her ball, peanut butter, and helping us in the garden. She can be anxious around sudden noise, but tends to just take herself away if she's frightened by something (like a toaster pop-up). We have so much more to say about Lexie, so if you're interested, please reach out and we will happily provide further details via phone or email. Please contact Lauren at lauren.reading@gmail.com or macauctions21@gmail.com

For details on each dog please contact the listed owner, and for general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


updated September 22 2023

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