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  • Randy 9.5 year old short coat female BC cross German Coolie (Narre Warren, Vic)

  • Riley 5 year old tricolour male BC cross kelpie (Tasmania)

  • Astro 16 month old male Bordoodle (Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW)

  • Chloe 12 month old black and white, short haired female BC (Orange, NSW)

  • Ralphie 2 year old special needs double merle male BC (Sydney, NSW)

  • Sailor 4 year old, mostly white male BC cross (Geelong, Vic)

  • Archer 6 month old male BC Beagle cross (Nambour, Qld)

  • Millie 4.5 year old female BC needs temporary home for approx 9 months (Central Coast, NSW)

  • Coco 17 month old classic chocolate female BC (Melbourne, Vic)

  • Leon 5 year old classic wheaten male BC (possibly collie rough cross) (Melbourne, Vic)

  • Monte 13 year old male BC (Sussex Inlet, NSW)

  • Coco II 6 year old classic chocolate female BC needs long term fostercare (Gold Coast, Qld)

  • Fly 8 year old female BC (Hoppers Crossing, Vic)

  • Luna 17 month old red and white female BC (Wharburton, Vic)

  • Loki & Noctis Two 5 year old male BC brothers, one black & white, one tri (Cessnock, NSW)

  • Alex 14 month old classic black and white male BC (Girraween, NSW)

  • Pia 5 year old black and white female BC (Sunshine Coast, Qld)

  • Koda 12 month old tricolour male BC Kelpie cross (Williamstown, Vic)

  • Rusty 8 month old pure bred male BC (Kingsgrove, NSW)


Randy --- (posted 22/3/2022) ---

Randy was a rescue dog and has had a wonderful five years in her current home. Randy is a very gentle dog, she is totally ball obsessed and absolutely loves going for walks and for playing ball. She is very pampered, as she sleeps on my bed, or anywhere she pleases. She is however very anxious and has been treated extremely bad by humans in the past. She is scared of rapid movement of feet and hands and will also get distressed if you pick up a broom or a vacuum or a hose or have any item in your hand that she's unfamiliar with. She will shake hands. And is very gentle to take food. She is house trained, and will let out a small bark when she needs to go outside. She is good around other dogs to an extent. When I walk her most of the time she is fine, with the exception of if a dog barks at her, then she will react. She does have epilepsy and is on medication which costs roughly $1.00 a day. She has one tablet half in the morning and a half at night. Her rehoming has been a difficult decision and she needs somebody who will love her unconditionally, as I have. Somebody that will be happy to walk her and play ball with her. She is a very loyal pup. Randy is not destructive either inside or outside and is happy to be both inside and outside and does not suffer from separation anxiety. Unfortunately, she is not good around children, and the presence of young children in the family, and the stress it is causing her, is making it necessary to find her a new home. For more info on Randy please contact Selena at selenasparkes@gmail.com


Riley --- (posted 17/5/2022) ---

Riley is seeking a home with no small children and no other dogs. His anxieties mean that he is stressed in the presence of both, and he sometimes feels the need to be aggressive to repel both other dogs and children. His body language and signalling of his anxiety with children is good, but it unreasonable to try to keep Riley in a household where he must be separate from the adults in order to keep the children safe. If interacting with an adult he knows and loves, Riley is much happier. Riley's anxieties include loud noises (including cars) and sudden movement (eg falling leaves) so he is very easily startled. Like many anxious dogs, Riley has learned basic commands well and he has a terrific recall. He also loves swimming and playing fetch (all day if you let him). An experienced BC home with the patience to build Riley's confidence, whilst keeping him safe from the scarier things in life is sought. For more info on Riley please contact Amy at amykile94@gmail.com


Astro --- (posted 14/7/2022) ---

Astro's family have decided to seek a new home for him where he will be able to live his best life. Astro has extreme separation anxiety which he needs to be medicated for. This will have to continue to be managed, and may be for life. He is basically a good dog. He loves bening part of the family. He is ball obsessed and using a ball as a training tool is a great motivator for him. But he is exciteable and mouthy with people (not bitey), and herds children. Astro needs a home with no children, experienced with anxious dogs, and prepared to help him develop calm. He gets on really well with other dogs of similar size, especially border collies. He is house trained and mostly hangs out inside where he can see us. He sleeps in his own bed upstairs in our room. AStro gets distressed if left alone at home and will try to escape. Astro's family are going to wait until just the right new home comes along. If you are an experienced BC home with the enthusiasm to help a young anxious dog live his best life, then please contact Jessie at ross.jessie100@gmail.com


Chloe --- (posted 14/7/2022) ---

Chloe is a loving energetic 1 yr old black and white, short haired border collie looking for a loving home. She is smart, full of energy, loyal and very affectionate. Chloe is vaccinated but not desexed. Chloe has two weaned female pups who are 6 weeks old. They are the product of a liaison with our gentle 3-year-old long-haired border collie with whom she has been raised. Unfortunately, Chloe has been left to her own devices with her mate and has missed out on the love and attention a beautiful pup like Chloe deserves. Chloe has not been trained, she is very excitable, jumps up on people and looks for affection from all she meets. Chloe responds to her name, loves her food and mostly sits on request . Most of Chloe’s interactions have been with adults and a 15yr old but I believe she would also suit a family with children. Chloe has never exhibited aggression towards humans or animals. We are hoping Chloe will find an affectionate family who will train her and love her as she deserves. Please contact Pat in Orange NSW on 0421707797 to see if you and Chloe are the right match.


Ralphie --- (posted 14/8/2022) ---

Ralphie is a double merle BC and was born with little to no hearing and only one functional eye. He's very smart despite his disability and knows to sit, stay and shake. Ralphie's family circumstances have changed meaning they cannot provide what this boy needs. Ralphie is a sweet dog but needs lot of exercise and owner input. In this regard he is a typical young BC, wanting to learn and be on the go, and requiring management. Experience with a deaf dog would be desirable. He also needs a home where he is the only dog, or with a chilled out older dog. Currently Ralphie uses the other family dog as his eyes and ears. He gets very close to him and stares at him (making the other dog irritated and on edge) and studies his body language to figure out if there's anything going on around them. Whilst this is a smart move on Ralphie's part it has caused a change in temperament of the older dog. At the dog park, any enthusiastic or bouncy dog that insists on trying to play with Ralphie gets avoided if possible, and if not, then he will try to nip them to discourage them. His interactions with the world are more difficult than most BCs. Ralphie needs a home where he will be managed and trained with patience. He will need ongoing management too, as there are dangers for deaf dogs, who can't hear cars, or owner commands. Only the very best home will do for this much loved boy. For information on Ralphie please contact Anthea at a_foley16@hotmail.com


Sailor --- (posted 13/9/2022) ---

Sailor is a 4yr old BC cross (white with brown spots, fully vacc, desexed and microchipped) and a very loving, beautiful and devoted boy with a super sweet temperament. He was rescued by us at 7 months. Eager to please and happy to follow you around all day and he “roo roo roos” when he’s excited. He’s great with kids, however, can be nervous if they get too close up to his face or randomly step on him. He loves pats and cuddles, loves brushes, baths, and will play all day long. He is happily crate trained and comfortable sleeping in crate or inside in his bed. He is well house trained and very obedient. He is a fantastic guard dog, but doesn’t bark excessively. He absolutely loves his toys and takes great comfort in his soft toy babies. He is not destructive and loves to have his bed full of his toys to snuggle and chew on. Sailor currently has a dog sister of same age and is great with her, though he can be anxious on lead especially if approached by other dogs and may give a warning snap. No aggression towards humans ever. Has been exposed to other dogs in kennels, doggie daycares and pack walks with no problems. Suspect issue is around primary owner and overtop need to protect her. Has never actually bitten another dog to our knowledge. He is a good off lead and can be mostly trusted, especially if he's focused on ball play/fetch. Loves the beach and water. Sailor's main issues stem from his separation anxiety and intense focus on primary owner. He has done quite a lot of behavioural training and is not considered a reactive dog in the very negative sense of the term. He can however pull and lunge on lead, gets extremely overexcited and has trouble regulating his anxiety once off his property. However, this has been different when he's been on pack walks with other dogs, away from owner and home, and he has coped well. We feel is best exercised in his own yard, or off lead in a safe environment where he won't be suddenly confronted by other dogs. He has been exposed to chickens and cats, but has a strong prey drive. Would not recommend that he's left unattended with cats. He has also been known to chase goats and horses. Sailor would thrive in a home with an older family or couple with no children or older more relaxed kids and who are experienced with BCs. Especially if he had the chance to live on a larger property. He is the most loving boy and just wants to be loved unconditionally with someone who is around home fairly often or most of the time, and he can be by their side most of the day. He really wants to be on the couch for snuggles and tummy rubs. He would probably be best suited to a home where he is the only dog even though he has always been with other dogs. He can be pushy and too dependent with his current adopted dog sister, and moving into a home with an established dog might be a problem for him. Sailor is currently on medication for his anxiety, though we believe in the right home he will be able to be weaned off this. We love him to bits, but are rehoming him because, with 2 young kids recently diagnosed with ADHD/Autism, we feel that our home environment is not the relaxed calm space that he really needs to thrive. He has so much love to give and really is the most divine boy. For more information please contact Emma at emmajohnstonegill@gmail.com


Archer --- (posted 25/9/2022) ---

Archer - born 24/3/2022 Archer is equally happy being your shadow as you move around the home, as he is playing with other dogs. He's a high-energy border collie / beagle cross and is a very handsome boy. He is sharp as a tack and understands basic commands. He sleeps in a crate for daytime naps and at night. Archer is fully toilet trained, a good on-lead walker and enthusiastic about meeting new people and dogs. He's also mat trained and is OK with being left at home for 4-5 hours, as long as there's an exit for the bathroom. Archer has a mild aggression issue. He doesn't have a middle ground, and goes from being OK to biting (not severe) very quickly. This has happened 3 times, which is why I'm looking for a loving and supportive new home for him. He has seen a behavioural vet who prescribed dog Prozac. This is a long-term commitment for him, with the view that it will modify his brain patterns sufficiently so he can be trained to come to his owner when he's feeling uncomfortable, instead of becoming aggressive. He's also very sensitive to the car and gets car sick. We've been working on desensitisation and have anti-nausea medication and sedatives. Please contact me at ellen@digitalmanifesto.com.au to learn more about Archer or to meet for a play date.


Millie --- (posted 30/9/2022) ---

Millie needs a foster home for about 9 months. Her owner loves her dearly and does not want this interruption to her life to mean Millie needs to be rehomed, so a loving family is sought who might add Millie to their number for this period, until she can be once again cared for at home. Millie gets on with other dogs absolutely fine. She has been introduced to 2 golden retrievers, Labrador, Italian Greyhound, 2 x mini daschunds, beagle, English Staffie, German Shepherd ( it was about 4 months old not an adult ) to name a few that have visited. She has no experience of cats. Millie isn't motivated by food, but she does like fresh mince and I have given her chicken necks. Her usual food is dry kibble. Worms tabs etc get mixed with mince. She is up to date with needles and having her second rat vaccine this week. Some training is being done on her recall as it could be better. She will sit and is usually ok on a lead walking. She is a runner and needs to be in a fully fenced property. She is scared of storms and she isn't a fan of drones or cranes and she doesn't like water or hair dryers. She is beautiful. She likes people a lot and is curious but doesn't like people shouting. She has no health issues. She is gorgeous and will play with her football for ages but happy to chase anything you throw so she can fetch it back! She does not like bush turkeys. She is happy to sit at your feet, get rubbed, lay next to you on the lounge. She is an inside and outside dog. Millie is an adaptable girl who will be easy to love. If you think that you might be able to make room for Millie in your household for some months, until she can return home, please contact Felicity for more info at felicity@thefieldsalesteam.com


Coco --- (posted 13/10/2022) ---

Coco is a fun loving Chocolate border Collie who is a bundle of energy. She loves long walks, playing in water, car rides and kicking the footy and bouncy balls. Coco is 19 months old and quite obedient for having no formal training, she knows sit, stay, come, on your bed and up. She is very good at sitting for dinner and treats and can be told to leave her food until she is instructed to eat. Coco has also been taught to catch a football and it is one of her favourite things to do as well as being outdoors, she has a very good recall and when off lead she will not stray too far as she always looks back to see if you are still close by. Coco loves car rides and whenever she hears the keys she is instantly up and ready to go, she loves having her head out the window and feeling the breeze. Coco also loves plenty of pats and whenever you come home she will greet you at the door, roll over and cry for pats with her legs moving in the air! She also enjoys cuddles on the couch where she will fall asleep next to you. Although Coco is fun loving, loyal and loves life she cannot be homed with any other pets in the house. She does not get along with our golden retrievers and has started to attack them. She is well behaved outside the house and does not have a problem with dogs at the park. She loves to play with other dogs and even our retrievers at the park. Coco would be best suited to a house with older teenagers or couple who understand dog behaviours. We have had to make the very sad decision to reheome her as her aggression to our elderly golden retrievers and has not gotten any better and we cannot predict when she will lash out at them. Coco also enjoys time on her own and will take herself off to her bed or under the couch if she is finding everything overwhelming. Overall Coco has been a very loyal companion and unfortunately due to this one issue we are looking for a loving home for her with the space for her to run around and enjoy life with someone who will love her and where she doesn't have any other dogs to compete with for attention. Please contact Jo at davidjo.bourke1@bigpond.com


Leon --- (posted 13/10/2022) ---

Leon is a sweet natured loving dog who loves pats and loves to shake hands. However, he has been through a lot in his 5 years and is stressed, not trusting of people, and confused about the new situation he finds himself in. His current home adopted him and he was OK during the trial, but after a return to the shelter for vet work he has become stressed and touchy. Leon will bite when he feels he needs to. On the up side, he has had to have all his teeth extracted, so he isn't doing any damage. But it is a frightening experience especially for the grandkids in the home. It is also very sad that Leon is so scared he wants to bite. A home experienced with anxious BCs and with no children is sought. Leon is able to eat OK as long as given soft food. He eats well, has a good appetite and can be gutsy if given the chance. Leon has always slept in a dog bed beside our bed at night. He will not disturb you and will sleep through. In the morning he will wait for you to get up and not wake you up. He responds well to training with treats unless being walked outside where things are too exciting. Leon pulls hard on lead to begin with and may not be experienced walking on a lead. He will need an experienced home to help him learn to relax and enjoy life, including walks. Leon will not take or touch things in the house that are not his. He seems basically an inside dog, and wants to be with his humans. His reaction to other dogs is unknown. He currently has no recall off lead. He is a strong boy. Like all Border Collies, Leon is SUPER SENSITIVE and super intelligent and you will be able to tell when he is upset or depressed. He displays signs of having been hit and is fragile. I think Leon deserves a chance and is best placed with someone who knows about border collies and can be very patient as Leon will take a while to settle down in a new home. He is generally a laid back affectionate dog. For more info on Leon please contact Cherry on 0402 678 838 or email cherryacollins@gmail.com


Monte --- (posted 21/10/2022) ---

Monte is our 13 year old Border Collie and he is in need of a new home. He has been a valued family member and we are very sad. But Monte likes a settled existence he certainly does not enjoy caravan travel where we are moving from place to place. He is a very healthy Dog for his age. He has some digestive issues but these have been completely sorted with an easy diet. Ideally Monte would suit someone older who is looking for a companion dog. All he requires is a walk every day and he will spend the rest of the day within a few feet of you. He loves a pat of course. He is good at soccer and his happy place is on the beach barking at the waves. Contact details cherylw020@gmail.com or phone 0407296686


Coco II --- (posted 29/10/2022) ---

Coco's family have to work overseas for an extended period of time, and they want to find a loving temporary home for Coco for a couple of years. They are adamant that they want to reclaim her on their return. Imagine being in this situation yourself! Coco is a 6yo purebred desexed female with a beautiful chocolate coat. She is up to date with all of her shots and is on nexgard. She is very active and is used to being walked at least 5km each day. She also loves going to the beach, swimming, chasing balls and chasing the jet skis. Like most border collies she has some quirks. She prefers the company of humans to other dogs. She will steer clear of other dogs, but if they get up in her face she will give a little snap. She also barks at aeroplanes and gets very excited when people arrive at the house. She would be suited best to a family with kids over the age of 7. She doesn't like young children getting up in her face. She has been trained and passed 2 levels of obedience. She walks well on the lead and is driven by food so can be easily trained. She is very much an inside dog, but is happy to be outside all day if no one is home. She is a real smoocher and loves being patted. She sleeps in our bedroom and has been known to sleep on the end of our bed. If you think you might have room in your home for Coco, understanding that her family want her back on their return, then please contact Daniel for more info at ddray82@hotmail.com


Fly --- (posted 8/11/2022) ---

Hi there. My names Fly. I'm a border collie of 8 years old. I got kicked by a horse when I was a pup and damaged one of my eyes. But I can clearly see out of the one I have left. I am fetch obsessed and love to chase. Hence why I can't be around other pups and cats. If they get too close to me or my ball I can be a little aggressive. I have walked with other dogs well but can't seem to play with them. I will bark at the ball wondering why it's not moving or playing anymore. I'm great with the humans of all ages. I currently live with a 3 & 4 year old but as my human mummy needs to help care for her human mummy, I don't get to see people as much as I'd like. I'm an inside outside pup and can last all night without the toilet. I'm a great walker on the lead. One of my front legs is growing older faster then I am. So if I jump high to catch I can hurt myself sometimes. I would do best as an only pet with humans to throw me the ball, in moderation. For more info on Fly please contact Alicia at raffie81@hotmail.com


Luna --- (posted 11/11/2022) ---

Luna is very friendly! Loves every person and every dog she comes across. She loves giving kisses and jumping up for pats. Luna does listen to commands, and is great at sitting and also has a great recall. She is a very bright energetic dog great on a lead, playing fetch and absolutely fabulously social at a dog park! One of her favourite places is the beach! Luna loves her soft toys and soccer balls too. She doesn't like possums though. She is great with strangers snd children. Luna has no experience with cats. Luna needs a family with time to spend with her, preferably making her part of the daily routine. For more info on Luna please contact Adrienne at adriennekneebone@gmail.com


Loki & Noctis --- (posted 11/11/2022) ---

This pair are for rehoming together. Separating them will not be considered. A little about Loki: Loki is a beautifully mannered boy who loves company and pets and to curl up around your feet when making dinner or sitting in the office. He loves to bark, especially at the noisy trucks and motorbikes! He has loads of energy and loves to run and be outside. He is good with other dogs and cats! He is good with children but also tends to get excited and will jump up, with adults and children. A little about Noctis: He does have hip dysplasia in his left hip, which he is on daily meds for. He gets very anxious and scared in thunderstorms, and can be quite whiny for attention and play. He likes to bark sometimes when Loki does, even if he doesn't know what he is barking at! He can get a bit jealous when Loki is getting attention and he isn't. He loves pets and good scratches behind the ear. He is very much a people pupper and would much rather spend time inside with his person than outside. He is timid around other dogs but is good with cats that are already good with dogs as he gets very excitable, loud, wanting to play. He is good with children but also tends to get excited and will jump up, with adults and children. They both love playing with the water hose outside, and Noctis loves digging and laying in the water in his shell pool. They love car rides and putting their heads out the window into the breeze and going to the dog park to chase other dogs. They know some basic commands such as sit, lay down, wait and take it. They are both desexed and up to date with their shots. They do need to stay together as they are inseparable and I fear they wouldn't adjust well, especially Noctis, if separated from each other. For more info on this pair please contact Morgan at morganmaryart@gmail.com


Alex --- (posted 11/11/2022) ---

Alex is a well-behaved 14 months old pure bred border collie who loves playing outdoors. A quick learner, he loves to be close with people rather than being left alone. Very good with children, he is a playmate for my 13 year old daughter. He is looking for a new home where he gets undivided attention and time to get trained. Family will be so lucky to have him and vice versa only if they have time to be around him. Alex would benefit from attending some training. When he is introduced to new experiences or people outside of his comfort zone he can be timid, but he is improving. This is something his new family will want to work on. Alex is updated with his vaccinations. For more info on Alex please contact Prajakta at pkp2808@gmail.com


Pia --- (posted 13/11/2022) ---

Pia is beautiful 5 year old, very obedient and smart. She knows how to sit, lay down, shake, stay, hi 5 and has great recall. She loves swimming at the beach or in dams and runs on the lead really well. She will also run on a lead alongside a bike for exercise. She is very playful and good with older kids. She has no experience with young children. She has never had any medical dramas and is in good health. She would be best suited to a house that has time to exercise her as she can get bored and dig. Pia is not getting along with the other dog in her household and rather than have them both under stress, she is seeking a new home, preferably where she will be the only dog. For more info on Pia please contact Naomi at naomilouisecdw@gmail.com


Koda --- (posted 26/11/2022) ---

Koda is a happy, energetic and handsome boy. He has had ongoing training since a puppy. He has good manners and waits until told to eat, doesn't enter the house until told and is working on no barking at the neighbour's dog and the doorbell. Being still young, he has learning to do but is picking up things along the way. He definitely needs an active owner to entertain him and keep him exercised, although he will stay home alone with no problems! A big yard or farm would suit him or long walks each day. He is generally good with other dogs at the dog park and tends to run and play with likeminded dogs. Koda loves ball games such as chasing the ball, catching the ball and finding the hidden ball around the house. He does need a strong hand and continuous training when on the lead as he tends to pull and is reactionary to other dogs. He is currently using a halter. Koda would be best suited to a home with adults and older children as He could unintentionally jump up and hurt someone while he's excited. Unfortunately, we are needing to rehome Koda as his exuberance is too much for the small older dog we have. We keep them separated most of the time, which means Koda only comes into the house under supervision. If you have a dog, he would be better with a larger dog as a companion or an assertive smaller dog. If you're looking for an active and happy boy to join your life, you can contact my owner to discuss. She is looking for only the very best of homes for me. Her email is karinaroby@hotmail.com Koda is Desexed, vaccinated and microchipped and he has been treated for fleas and worms.


Rusty --- (posted 27/11/2022) ---

Rusty is a pure bred BC boy with papers. He was born on the 8th of March 2022. He is a very smart dog and picks things up very quickly. He is reactive to people he doesn’t know but once he gets to know them he is fine. He is the same with other dogs, again at first he is reactive but once he actually meets them he is fine. This makes it hard for us to walk him as he lunges and barks when he sees other people and other dogs. Rusty behaviour suggests he needs remedial socialisation with strangers and other dogs, preferably in a home that has experience with an anxious BC boy. With some time and consistent effort he will develop more confidence and become less reactive, and a happier boy. Rusty is currently an outside dog due to household space limitations. Like most BCs he would probably love to be an indoor dog too. He knows basic commands like sit and stay. He has been fully vaccinated. If you are keen to make a young BC part of your household and you have the energy and time to work on his social skills then please contact Daniel for more info at ddgalati@hotmail.com

For details on each dog please contact the listed owner, and for general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


updated November 27 2022

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