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  • Randy 9.5 year old short coat female BC cross German Coolie (Narre Warren, Vic)

  • Finn 11 month old apricot and white male BC (Victoria)

  • Riley 5 year old tricolour male BC cross kelpie (Tasmania)

  • Neddy 4 year old male BC (Ingleburn, NSW)

  • Scuba 11 month old short haired male BC (Brisbane, Qld)

  • Astro 16 month old male Bordoodle (Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW)

  • Chloe 12 month old black and white, short haired female BC (Orange, NSW)

  • Ember 7 month old merle female BC (Sydney, NSW)

  • Daisy 4 year old merle female BC (Gin Gin, Qld)

  • Will 4 month old black and white male BC (Central Coast, NSW)

  • Jessie 4.5 year old black and white female BC (Camden, NSW)


Randy --- (posted 22/3/2022) ---

Randy was a rescue dog and has had a wonderful five years in her current home. Randy is a very gentle dog, she is totally ball obsessed and absolutely loves going for walks and for playing ball. She is very pampered, as she sleeps on my bed, or anywhere she pleases. She is however very anxious and has been treated extremely bad by humans in the past. She is scared of rapid movement of feet and hands and will also get distressed if you pick up a broom or a vacuum or a hose or have any item in your hand that she's unfamiliar with. She will shake hands. And is very gentle to take food. She is house trained, and will let out a small bark when she needs to go outside. She is good around other dogs to an extent. When I walk her most of the time she is fine, with the exception of if a dog barks at her, then she will react. She does have epilepsy and is on medication which costs roughly $1.00 a day. She has one tablet half in the morning and a half at night. Her rehoming has been a difficult decision and she needs somebody who will love her unconditionally, as I have. Somebody that will be happy to walk her and play ball with her. She is a very loyal pup. Randy is not destructive either inside or outside and is happy to be both inside and outside and does not suffer from separation anxiety. Unfortunately, she is not good around children, and the presence of young children in the family, and the stress it is causing her, is making it necessary to find her a new home. For more info on Randy please contact Selena at selenasparkes@gmail.com


Finn --- (posted 9/5/2022) ---

Finn is a beautiful 11-month-old Apricot/White border collie. He unfortunately has not had the time spent on him that a border collie should. He sits shakes and stays, however we have yet to master walking. Finn would suit a home with no other pets as he has recently shown some anger toward our other dog. I feel this is due to me being away for extended periods of time for work. I would LOVE for Finn to be homed with a family that will show him massive amounts of love and train him the way he deserves. Finn lives inside and has the choice of inside and outside all day. If you have experience providing a home for an active BC boy then Finn might be the dog for you. For more info on Finn please email Amber at australia2018@outlook.com.au


Riley --- (posted 17/5/2022) ---

Riley is seeking a home with no small children and no other dogs. His anxieties mean that he is stressed in the presence of both, and he sometimes feels the need to be aggressive to repel both other dogs and children. His body language and signalling of his anxiety with children is good, but it unreasonable to try to keep Riley in a household where he must be separate from the adults in order to keep the children safe. If interacting with an adult he knows and loves, Riley is much happier. Riley's anxieties include loud noises (including cars) and sudden movement (eg falling leaves) so he is very easily startled. Like many anxious dogs, Riley has learned basic commands well and he has a terrific recall. He also loves swimming and playing fetch (all day if you let him). An experienced BC home with the patience to build Riley's confidence, whilst keeping him safe from the scarier things in life is sought. For more info on Riley please contact Amy at amykile94@gmail.com


Neddy --- (posted 28/6/2022) ---

Neddy, 4 year old black and white male BC, Ingleburn, NSW Neddy is a 4 year old fully vaccinated and desexed BC . He is energetic, loveable, fun and most of all loyal. He loves to go wherever you go and would make a great companion! He loves to cuddle and enjoys being brushed. He knows basic commands such as sit, stay and will sometimes come when called. Neddy would be great as an inside or outside dog, but he loves to be around people! Neddy loves going for walks and you can take him off leash as long as it’s in a park, not near roads. He does have anxiety and is on medication for it. He doesn’t like loud sounds such as thunder, fireworks etc. Neddy can be a bit unsure about other dogs so I would suggest him going to a home that doesn’t have other pets. All I want for Neddy is the best in life, I rescued him, fed him, gave him all my love but now it’s time for him to find his forever home! For more info on Neddy please contact Larissa at larissa.pastor@live.com.au


Scuba --- (posted 7/7/2022) ---

Scuba is a 10 month old, short-haired border collie. He is fully wormed, ticked and vaccinated and was de-sexed at 6 months old. He has grown up around a lot of people and dogs which has made him very sociable. He has so much energy to burn everyday, even more than the average border collie! He is very intelligent, and clearly understands and can respond to commands including sit, lie down, up, down, outside, food, walk, car and stop. He struggles with recall but this is believed to be more because he doesn't want to go home from the park! He will often tell off other dogs if they get too excited or don't leave him alone, but rest assured he is just putting in place his own social boundaries! Scuba is a very kind, loving puppy who will be gentle with children and give lots of cuddles at the end of the day. He responds well to attention, praise, and balls but also loves a yummy treat! We are looking to rehome Scuba because he deserves a life in regional or rural settings where he can be put to work or run all day. He is best suited to a family with other dogs or children who he can play with. For more info on Scuba please contact Abbey at aesolly282@gmail.com


Astro --- (posted 14/7/2022) ---

Astro's family have decided to seek a new home for him where he will be able to live his best life. Astro has extreme separation anxiety which he needs to be medicated for. This will have to continue to be managed, and may be for life. He is basically a good dog. He loves bening part of the family. He is ball obsessed and using a ball as a training tool is a great motivator for him. But he is exciteable and mouthy with people (not bitey), and herds children. Astro needs a home with no children, experienced with anxious dogs, and prepared to help him develop calm. He gets on really well with other dogs of similar size, especially border collies. He is house trained and mostly hangs out inside where he can see us. He sleeps in his own bed upstairs in our room. AStro gets distressed if left alone at home and will try to escape. Astro's family are going to wait until just the right new home comes along. If you are an experienced BC home with the enthusiasm to help a young anxious dog live his best life, then please contact Jessie at ross.jessie100@gmail.com


Chloe --- (posted 14/7/2022) ---

Chloe is a loving energetic 1 yr old black and white, short haired border collie looking for a loving home. She is smart, full of energy, loyal and very affectionate. Chloe is vaccinated but not desexed. Chloe has two weaned female pups who are 6 weeks old. They are the product of a liaison with our gentle 3-year-old long-haired border collie with whom she has been raised. Unfortunately, Chloe has been left to her own devices with her mate and has missed out on the love and attention a beautiful pup like Chloe deserves. Chloe has not been trained, she is very excitable, jumps up on people and looks for affection from all she meets. Chloe responds to her name, loves her food and mostly sits on request . Most of Chloe’s interactions have been with adults and a 15yr old but I believe she would also suit a family with children. Chloe has never exhibited aggression towards humans or animals. We are hoping Chloe will find an affectionate family who will train her and love her as she deserves. Please contact Pat in Orange NSW on 0421707797 to see if you and Chloe are the right match.


Ember --- (posted 14/7/2022) ---

Ember is a 7 month old Merle Border Collie (DOB 22/11/2021) located in Sydney. She is a beautiful puppy, she loves all people, including kids and babies. She has never met a person she doesn't like! When going for walks she will say hello to everyone she sees if I let her! She loves ice cream and most especially cat treats!!! She loves the water and splashing in the waves. She knows the following commands: Sit, Come, Lie down, Leave it, On your bed, Shake, Roll over, Stay, Spin, Drop It and Okay. She would sleep on the bed if allowed, however she is happy to sleep in her bed in the bathroom. I'm sure she'd be fine with a laundry or whatever rooms suits if you don't want her in the bed with you. We would have her sleeping on the bed but keep her in the bathroom so the cats can wander freely at night. We are looking to reluctantly re-home her because of problems with our cats adjusting to her. She likes three of our cats and either ignores them or occasionally tries to get them to play with her. So 3 of our 5 cats have gotten used to her, however 2 of them are still distressed and scared. This is causing problems for Ember - I don't feel she is living her best life with us because of the restrictions she must have on her. She can't access outside via doggy door because our cats are inside only, this means that when she is outside she has to say out until we come home. She has to be supervised as we cannot trust her behaviour around the scared cats (she does chase them sometimes because they act very nervously). She cannot access much of the house as we keep areas separated for the cats. She is happy to spend lots of time (all night if we let her!) outside however too much time outside I worry is meaning she isn't part of the family and I don't want her to have a life of just an "outside dog". We hoped the cats would adjust, however I feel Ember is not getting the love and attention she deserves and I don't want her development harmed because of this situation. We have tried many trainers, and spoken to many experts. I feel that without knowing when the cats will adjust it is not fair for the cats (one has been to the vet multiple times for stress related urinary issues) and it's not fair for Ember for this to continue for an unknown amount of time longer. The only problem Ember has I think has developed recently because of her spending so much time outside on her own - she has started to chase cars that she sees going past our house (she is usually in the front yard and chases them inside the yard of course). This means we are needing to keep her in the backyard away from this stimulus (as advised by a trainer) which she doesn't like (it is much smaller). The trainer we are working with has given us simple strategies to deal with this. She doesn't chase them on walks but does notice them. I feel Ember would be happy with a doggy friend, she is desperate for someone to play with and the cats don't play. She has seen her doggy brother recently and loved playing with him. Ember has daily walks (often twice a day) and is working on loose lead walking. I would love Ember to have the life she deserves - where she is a part of the family, gets to snuggle on the lounge while watching tv, cuddles on the bed at night, gets to go to cafes with you for lunches, gets to play with a doggy friend, gets to play in her yard when she wants but gets to stay inside and relax as well, where gets to go for walks and just be loved. Please note we have worked with trainers who do not see any aggression in Ember and they do not see her to have any major problems. However this situation is incredibly stressful for the whole family, including the children and cats and we have realised that this is the best solution for everyone. For more info on Ember please contact Owen at osmith@neutron.com.au


Daisy --- (posted 24/7/2022) ---

Daisy is a beautiful, desexed female 4yo Merle BC with a very loving, intelligent and attentive personality. Sadly, she had an abusive first home which made her anxious and gave her some bad habits. She ended up in a shelter and was bought by someone else who did her best to manage Daisy but really made things worse. She was in a poor physical and mental state when rescued most recently. Daisy has massive potential. She needs an experienced home with patience and time to spend developing her self-confidence and calm. Daisy is very scared of children, so a home with no youngsters, and a commitment to manage her in their presence is essential. An escape-proof yard, and a commitment not to let her escape is required to help her learn to be happy in her own space. She will currently leave the yard (over the fence) and her other dog companions, to find something better to do, if left alone by her human. A preparedness to have her indoors, or never left alone in the yard is also necessary, as Daisy will bark if left in the yard. This has created considerable issues with neighbours in previous homes. In spite of these attributes, all of which could be moderated with time and loving attention, Daisy has heaps of love to give, and is a fast learner. If you have experience and time to spend on this beautiful girl, please contact Tamara for more info at tamarakelly@gmail.com


Will --- (posted 30/7/2022) ---

Will is a sweet 4 month old boy being rehomed by PetRescue in NSW. Cut and paste this URL into your browser to see his full listing, and information on how to apply to adopt him. https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/919404


Jessie --- (posted 31/7/2022) ---

Jessie is a typical classic BC female - Not the pet for just any home. She is looking for a home with experienced adult owners who can give her the mental and physcial stimulation she needs. She is a fairly reserved girl, and OK with people, but not good with other animals. Whilst not actually hurting them, she is bossy, and she plays too roughly for it to be OK. A home without other dogs or cats is sought. Her current home feel that she isn't getting enough stimulation to keep her happy and this is contributing to her frustrations with their smaller dog and cats. Of course, Jessie loves playing with the ball. For more info on Jessie please contact Rebecca at rrain@hotmail.com.au

For details on each dog please contact the listed owner, and for general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


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