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  • Jethro 8 year old black and white male BC (Somerville, Vic)

  • Lenny 8 year old mostly black and white male BC (Warnambool, Vic)

  • Lily 4 year old classic black and white female BC (Perth, WA)

  • Chip 3.5 year old classic choc and white male BC (Brisbane, Qld)

  • Merlin 6 year old classic blue merle and white male BC (East Maitland, NSW)

  • Koda 6 year old choc and white male BC (Gold Coast, Qld)

  • Cookie 7 year old anxious male BC (Bonnyrigg, NSW)

  • Georgie 3 yo, short coat, black and white female BC cross cattle dog (Nundah, Qld)

  • Bruno 5 yo pure breed, black and white male BC (Melbourne, Vic)

  • Sonic and Dollar Two 18 month old male and female BCs (Cherrybrook, NSW)

  • Booth 4 year old champagne male BC (Balmain, NSW)

  • Max 1 year old, pedigree, black and white male BC (Redhill, ACT)

  • Maxie 8 year old black and white male BC (Baulkham Hills, NSW)

  • Loki 5 year old black and white male BC (Hunter Valley, NSW)

  • Bodhi 4 year old brown and white male BC (Western Sydney, NSW)

  • Sadie 11 year old female BC cross (Reservoir, Vic)

  • Cookie II 5 year old blue merle purebred female BC (Kellyville, NSW)


Tegwen --- (posted 1/4/2024) ---

Tegwen is a 4 year old BlueMerle Border Collie (desexed) and house-trained (indoor dog). Lovely and sweet nature, happy to go on adventures or chill at the pub /cafes with you. He once sat calmly at the pub for 4 hours! Easy going and gets along with most dogs. He does not like overly excited dogs. Otherwise, he's good off-leash and has a good recall when out for walks. He knows a few tricks (sit, stay, shake, roll and 'come around' where he runs between your legs and sit in between). A few things to consider is that he does go to the toilet 3-4 times a day at least (ok to be left at home if you go to work so long as water is restricted). He is on Hills Science Diet Gastrointentinal Biome dog food (normal kibble and raw diet tend to give him the runs). Tegwen lives in a household with a Doberman and a ragdoll, however is best if he is an only dog so that he can have all the attention (he gets jealous). For more info on Tegwen please contact Thomas at ThomasJamesMiles@outlook.com


Jethro --- (posted 12/4/2024) ---

Jethro is a goofy, highly intelligent BC boy who has brought his family years of love and joy. He is also an anxious boy (having been for a time on medication to help with this) and he is not comfortable around small children. He also does not like people to force attention on him, and eye contact and direct approaches to pet him make him unhappy. Jethro is wary of new dogs, and whilst he gets along very well with a few dogs that he knows well, a home where he is the only dog would probably be best. A home with experience with an anxious dog, and the preparedness to manage him in ways that minimise his stress is sought. Jethro is smart, and knows quite a few commands, and loves learning. Training is fun for him, as is chasing a ball, playing tug, or finding a puddle to slop in. He is used to sleeping indoors, and spending most of the day outside in a large yard, with chickens for company. For more info on Jethro please contact Cle at cgbreitinger@gmail.com


Lenny --- (posted 12/4/2024) ---

Lenny is an 8 year old Border Collie. He has been with us since he was a pup and loves going to the beach and swimming and chasing his balls around. He is medium haired all black, with little white feet. His vaccinations are all up to date and he is desexed. In terms of his behaviour he can sit, shake and roll over on command. He is also good off-lead at the beach. However, we have an active 16-month old daughter and he has shown some worrying behaviour around her. He is territorial of his bed, food and toys. We don't trust him around our daughter, as realistically we can't always keep them away from each other and if something happens then it's too late. He is also a guard dog, and will growl at people coming to the house who he does not know. He has been around older kids (10+) and have not had any problems there. Lenny is active, however he usually gets one walk a day and maybe some off-lead time at the beach or dog park. He does pull on the lead, so I unfortunately can't walk him with the pram which means he isn't getting as much exercise as he needs. Lenny has no health issues, is happy to be left at home while owners work during the day and is an outside dog. For more info on Lenny please contact jane at jimckinnon@live.com


Lily --- (posted 22/4/2024) ---

Lily is an extremely affectionate dog who loves to play and chase the ball, she's great with older children but unfortunately having some issues with our toddler and now expecting a new baby plus having to downsize she's unfortunately not adjusting well and having some reactive behaviour. She was on acreage and I think she needs a family with time to invest in her, and give her lots to do. She doesn't run away, is extremely loyal and quick to learn, she has natural herding instincts, likes to herd our cat! Gets on well with cats and other working dogs, has had some reactive behaviour to dogs at the park but our trainer said that's because she's so focused on fetching/chasing the ball (her job) that she's telling other dogs to go away because she's busy. She does like to be the Alfa dog. For more info on Lily please contact cookweld@gmail.com


Chip --- (posted 24/4/2024) ---

Chip is a desexed male Border Collie with current vaccinations. He's house trained and mostly very responsive to verbal commands and gestures. A very smart dog, it doesn't take him long to learn and remember new schedules and daily timetables. He'll remind you when it's time to go and pick up the kids from school! Chip is a beautiful boy who loves nothing more than hanging out with his family, being scruffled behind the ears and inside his legs, and chasing the ball - when he feels like it! Like all Collies he could do with a lot of exercise and interaction every day which can be difficult for working families. He's experienced, never car sick and always enthusiastic about travelling in a vehicle. It's not all good news - like many Collies, Chip seems determined to wage a one-dog war against the menace of postie bikes and garbage trucks which plague our streets. Expect excited barking around 11am weekdays, and twice a day on bin day! He has also inexplicably become reactive towards our 14 year old boy, snarling and growling at him sometimes, without provocation. Never a sign of this behaviour with anyone else; small children, adults, strangers, meter men, parcel delivery guys are all greeted with a wagging tail and excited jumping. It is a mystery to us but we cannot put our boy through this random negative behaviour. In spite of this we are certain that Chip will thrive in the right environment. He would suit an experienced "dog person" who understands how to look after and get the best out of this very handsome, friendly, and enthusiastic companion. Chip is based in Brisbane northside, Queensland. To find out more about Chip please contact Jodie at jodiebellotti@gmail.com


Merlin --- (posted 24/4/2024) ---

Merlin is just over 6yrs 3mths..he was born on the 31st Dec 2017. Merlin is a sweet, beautiful and loving boy who still thinks he's a puppy. Merlin loves attention and having a good brush, he also enjoys going on long walks (does pull on lead but is learning not too) - a work in progress. Merlin will sit for food and takes treats very gently from your hand. Merlin is good with my cats/ dog and also had a day helping me babysitting a lamb. Not sure how he is with children as he hasn't had the opportunity to meet them. He can be a little stand offish with new people at first but doesn't take him long to come around. He not a fan of travelling and is nervous in storms. Merlin has not long been desexed and he is up to date with all his vaccinations and heart worm injections. For more info on Merlin please contact Ruth at rndeamer@hotmail.com


Koda --- (posted 24/4/2024) ---

Koda is a beautiful and much-loved male chocolate border collie (6 years old and desexed). Koda loves to go for a daily walk/sniff and loves a quick game of fetch/frisbee in the backyard. Koda is used to being left at home while we go to work, and is always there ready to great us at the door when we get home - he just loves being around his people. Koda would not be suitable to a house with children, but would be a great fit for someone with no kids, a retiree or older couple - someone looking for their new best mate! For more information regarding Koda please contact Bronte on bhopp15@eq.edu.au


Cookie --- (posted 28/4/2024) ---

7yo Cookie needs a new home due to a change in living circumstances. He is desexed, a highly intelligent, handsome and affectionate dog who loves long walks, grooming and crunching on bones. He does have anxiety issues, he is scared of the rain, fireworks, storms, unfamiliar noises, he can bark long and loud, being kept in an enclosed space calms him somewhat, he is protective of his food and has bitten family members, with other dogs he either matches their aggression, else is very timid, he doesn't let his bum be sniffed, he hops away. He also doesn't like his right rear quarters being touched, he can become aggressive. A home experienced with anxious BCs is sought. Cookie has a lot to give, in a home that can spend the time to help him become more confident, and increase his ability to be calm. If you are interested in Cookie, please contact Greg at wanny2@live.com.au


Georgie --- (posted 30/4/2024) ---

Georgie was a rescue and I have had her since 8 weeks old, she is fully vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and desexed at 6 mths. Georgie has been raised mostly indoors but is an outdoors dog by heart. She's very social and loves people including children. She is however reactive to bikes and cars whilst on leash. She loves swimming in creeks or beach but is not a fan of waves, and adores chasing a ball, particularly her red rubber ball thrown from my blue ball thrower. Ideally I'd love to see her with a family with a bit of grass. Unfortunately my living circumstances have changed and she is now in a unit which is not her best life even with two balconies, as she just wants to be outside in the grass. For more info on Georgie please contact Michelle at michelleneylan66@gmail.com


Bruno --- (posted 30/4/2024) ---

Bruno is a 5 year old pure bred black & white Male Border Collie. He is a bundle of energy! He's always ready for a game of fetch or a long walk in the park. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he'll keep you on your toes. Being a Border Collie, Bruno has a sharp mind and keen instincts. He loves to engage in activities that challenge his intellect, such as obedience training or interactive toys. Bruno's absolute favourite pastime is chasing after a ball. He'll never get tired of fetching and returning it to you, ready for another round of fun. Bruno has been by our two daughters' side from their birth. He's gentle and patient around them, making him the perfect furry companion for families with little ones. While Bruno is friendly with most animals, he's not particularly fond of cats or small dogs. He prefers the company of larger breeds who can match his energy levels. Bruno needs an active owner who can keep up with his high energy levels. Daily walks, trips to the dog park, and engaging activities are essential to keep him happy and healthy. Noises can sometimes make Bruno anxious, so he'll need a calm and patient owner who can reassure him during stressful situations. Bruno would thrive in a family that loves the outdoors. He's always up for a walk to tag along on an outing. His perfect match would be someone who understands his need for mental and physical stimulation and is committed to providing him with plenty of exercise and love. No health issues and is desexed with vaccines up to date. Due to our changing personal circumstances, we are unfortunately seeking a loving new home for our beloved Bruno. For more information, please contact Jason at jasonperry@hotmail.co.nz


Sonic and Dollar --- (posted 30/4/2024) ---

A home which can take the pair together is preferred. Sonic is a lively and affectionate 1.5-year-old male BC who thrives on interaction and playtime. He adores people and is especially fond of games like fetch. Sonic is incredibly fast and enjoys staying active outdoors. However, he has a curious side and might explore your rubbish bin if left accessible, so a bit of caution in this area would be wise. Dollar, a gentle 1.5-year-old female, is a bit more reserved but incredibly sweet once she warms up to you. She's quite shy around strangers but loves the company of other dogs and children. Dollar has a playful streak, sometimes getting excited by passing cars during walks, so a watchful eye during these moments is important. When left alone, she finds comfort in her cozy little house, where she enjoys peaceful naps. Both Sonic and Dollar are desexed and ready to bring joy to a new family. They each have unique personalities and traits that make them special companions. If you're interested in giving these delightful dogs a forever home, please reach out to learn more about them. Contact Stacey at ges_qhd@hotmail.com


Booth --- (posted 30/4/2024) ---

Booth is a very friendly, good looking and gentle 4 year old " champagne " border collie - he regularly goes up to people and says hello. We've had him since birth and have been careful to train him to walk off lead, responding to simple commands to sit at road crossings and come back when required. Booth is also happy to walk on lead, preferring a gentle leader across the chest, not the neck. We feed Booth Hill Science kibble twice a day which he loves, though he also likes extras such as sardines and minced beef with his evening meal. Booth has his bed in our living room and is fully domesticated to only go to the toilet outside. For more info on Booth please contact Tom at tomstockell@gmail.com


Max --- (posted 17/5/2024) ---

Max is a stunning boy with a white face and two blue eyes. He is just over 1yo, born March 8, 2023. Max is desexed and fully vaccinated. He is a very smart and ENERGETIC boy. He will need a home that has plans for an active life for him. Max gets along very well with other dogs, big and small. Max is used to sleeping in the house and most of the time in his owner's room. He is a very friendly and sociable dog with adults and children. He gets a bit nervous around bikes and people running. For more info on Max please contact Alicia at Alicia.moral2018@gmail.com


Maxie --- (posted 29/5/2024) ---

Maximus Loyalus. Meet 8-year-old Max. Loyal to a fault, intelligent, a wonderful protector and now looking for a new home after his elderly foster parents are no longer able to care for him following recent breast cancer treatment (they have had him for two years after heart failure in his original owner made it too hard to walk him.) We are happy to transport Maxie to someone who may love him. He is in great health - around 8 years old. When my parents first rescued him, he was extremely aggressive as he was not walked enough. This was especially around food and toys; however improved significantly with many weeks of dog training. He still has some issues with anyone coming near his food and barks if anyone comes near his owner. It takes him a little while to adjust to new people, but happy for people to come meet him first. He is very obedient in other circumstances and with the right owner (a tradie perhaps not young kids or elderly) who is prepared to exercise him, he could potentially be a beautiful life companion. He has been fully treated by his vet and had his teeth cleaned recently too. We are based in Baulkham Hills, Sydney. For more info on Maxie please contact Jane at jane@digimedaustralia.com.au


Loki --- (posted 30/5/2024) ---

Meet Loki, the lovable 5-year-old Border Collie seeking his forever home! Loki is not just well-trained and housebroken, but he's also bursting with affection and loyalty. He adores companionship but struggles with separation anxiety, so he's looking for a family who can shower him with love and attention. He's always been around other dogs and would do well in a single dog or multiple household. If you're ready to open your heart to Loki's boundless affection and provide him with the care he deserves, he's eagerly waiting to become your loyal companion. For more info on Loki please contact Lani at lani.snow@outlook.com


Bodhi --- (posted 10/6/2024) ---

4 year old beautiful white and brown Border Collie, male. Bodhi is a large Collie around 30kgs. Bodhi is such a fantastic dog, great around other dogs and cats, we have 2 cats he loves, and also great around kids. We have a 3 year old which he adores and follows everywhere. He has no formal training but great manners, walks on the leash without pulling, listens to instructions and just wants love and to play. With our family life changing I can't give him what he deserves in terms of play and time. He goes to the park daily but needs way more. Hope we can rehome him to a loving caring family with a bigger property where he can just run and play the whole day. For more info on Bodhi please contact Cameron at cholmes9@msn.com


Sadie --- (posted 13/6/2024) ---

Sadie an 11 year old female border collie cross, desexed, microchiped, a recent vet visit including blood work and health examination done, no issues besides itchy skin that was treated with ointment. Slightly overweight. Behaviour wise Sadie is very well behaved, she enjoys sleeping inside at night and will happily stay in her bed unless she wants to go outside to the toilet. Leash manners need some work and practice, as her previous owner couldn't walk her much due to illness. Sadie gets along well with other dogs, she only will get jelous if her owner is giving too much attention to another dog or if food is involved, so maybe it would be better if she was an only dog. Sadie, even at her age enjoys to chasing and catching possums, so small animals would be best to avoid as she has never been tested with cats or small dogs. Sadie is located in Reservoir, Melbourne Victoria. Her owner has passed away and the family are trying to find a loving warm home for her, unfortunately our circumstances would not be able to provide Sadie with the life she deserves in her golden year's. For more info on Sadie please contact Murray at murraymarko1989@gmail.com


Cookie II --- (posted 13/6/2024) ---

Cookie is a blue merle border collie, she is 5 years old. Cookie is DNA tested as purebred. Cookie is an athlete, she loves fetching the ball. Cookie is also highly intelligent, for most of the commands, she can understand after just a few tries. Cookie is good on leash and she usually walking by my side. Cookie is friendly to kids and adults. We also have another dog, which is older and a border collie as well. We feel that 2 dogs are too much for us after we have 2 kids as we cannot look after these 2 dogs together as well as we expected. However, we will keep Cookie until we really find a good family for her. For enquirers I may need to ask a few questions about yourself and your family to make sure if Cookie is the right one for you. Please contact me via amylzy1988@gmail.com for more info and pics of cookie. Thank you.

For details on each dog please contact the listed owner, and for general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


updated June 17 2024

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