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  • Riley 5 year old tricolour male BC cross kelpie (Tasmania)

  • Pia 5 year old black and white female BC (Sunshine Coast, Qld)

  • Lucky 12+ year old black and white male BC (Castle Hill, NSW)

  • George 12 month old black and white short coat male BC (Brisbane Southside, QLD)

  • Bruno 7 year old black and white male BC (Macquarie Fields, NSW)

  • Hunter 4 year old red and white male BC (Cairns, QLD)

  • Blue 9 month old male Amstaff cross BC (Ashfield, NSW)

  • 5 young boys 9 month old blue and white male BCs (Barham, NSW)

  • Obi 14 month old classic black and white male BC (Canberra, ACT)

  • Shadow 3 year old mostly black, medium coat female BC (Gulgong, NSW)

  • Tucker 7 year old chocolate and white male BC (nr Lithgow, NSW)

  • Max 2 1/2 year old male BC (Bendigo, Vic)

  • Rex 7 year old caramel and white male BC (Cronulla, NSW)

  • Bob 5 year old male BC (Adelaide, SA)

  • Benji 1 3/4 year old purebred, classic male BC (Mornington Peninsular, Vic)

  • Jeska 7 year old female BC (Adelaide Hills, SA)

  • Dobbie and George 4.5 and 5 year old male BC Kelpie cross brothers (45 mins NW of Brisbane, QLD)

  • Penny and Phoebe Two 7 year old female BC Maremma cross twins (Victoria Park, QLD)


Riley --- (posted 17/5/2022) ---

Riley is seeking a home with no small children and no other dogs. His anxieties mean that he is stressed in the presence of both, and he sometimes feels the need to be aggressive to repel both other dogs and children. His body language and signalling of his anxiety with children is good, but it unreasonable to try to keep Riley in a household where he must be separate from the adults in order to keep the children safe. If interacting with an adult he knows and loves, Riley is much happier. Riley's anxieties include loud noises (including cars) and sudden movement (eg falling leaves) so he is very easily startled. Like many anxious dogs, Riley has learned basic commands well and he has a terrific recall. He also loves swimming and playing fetch (all day if you let him). An experienced BC home with the patience to build Riley's confidence, whilst keeping him safe from the scarier things in life is sought. For more info on Riley please contact Amy at amykile94@gmail.com


Pia --- (posted 13/11/2022) ---

Pia is beautiful 5 year old, very obedient and smart. She knows how to sit, lay down, shake, stay, hi 5 and has great recall. She loves swimming at the beach or in dams and runs on the lead really well. She will also run on a lead alongside a bike for exercise. She is very playful and good with older kids. She has no experience with young children. She has never had any medical dramas and is in good health. She would be best suited to a house that has time to exercise her as she can get bored and dig. Pia is not getting along with the other dog in her household and rather than have them both under stress, she is seeking a new home, preferably where she will be the only dog. For more info on Pia please contact Naomi at naomilouisecdw@gmail.com


Lucky --- (posted 16/12/2022) ---

Lucky is a much-loved senior black and white border collie. He was bought by his current owner when he was only a pup. Since he was little, he has been friendly and energetic, always running around in the backyard. He loves his food, especially boiled chicken! Lucky is not really house trained and has been outdoors for most of his life. He will require a bit of training for him to adapt to a new indoor home. However, being a middle-aged dog he would almost certainly love to become part of a family 24 * 7. Unfortunately, as his current owner has recently sold their house and are making plans to live overseas for the long term, they are looking for somebody who would love and look after him unconditionally. If you are looking for an undemanding older dog then Lucky might be right for you. For more info on Lucky please contact Daina, either at dainad1996@gmail.com or send a txt to 0451796996 and Daina will call you back.


George --- (posted 31/12/2022) ---

A beautiful male short-haired border collie (George) is in need of a new loving forever home. George is very active, intelligent and affectionate. He has been in a loving home with a single owner. He is up to date with vaccinations and is microchipped. George is very affectionate and comfortable with people he knows and other dogs he knows. He knows the basic commands and is toilet trained. He has been to puppy training and obedience training. He loves playing fetch, squeaky toys, enjoys car trips somewhere exciting and really loves cuddles. He understands 'cuddles' means a big hug. He is a really sweet young dog. George has grown up with a very friendly cat. He is obsessed with the cat and will round it up. He may or may not suit a home with cats due to his tendency to want to round then up. Not all cats will enjoy this and may get very stressed. A home without cats is preferred. George hasn't had much exposure to young children. He is untested with this. Generally BCs and small children are not a good mix. George has some anxiety and may bark and lunge when he sees other dogs he does not know while walking on a lead. He needs some further training to help him overcome this reactivity and anxiety. He does not enjoy dog parks due to being anxious around new / unknown dogs. A home experienced with anxious BCs is desirable. George has also jumped/climbed some fences when left alone, so secure and high fencing is a must. He may need some training around separation anxiety to help him settle in to a new home. George will suit a home with lots of stimulation through people or activities. He loves being by your side and loves car trips. He would suit a home with other dogs but will need to be introduced slowly. Once he is comfortable, he is very happy with other dogs and plays all day. He needs a home where he will continue to be loved and supported with training so he can live a happy and full life. For more info on George please contact Nicole at wilkes.nicolem@gmail.com


Bruno --- (posted 2/1/2023) ---

Bruno is a gentle soul. Likes to be around people and running around the front yard. His family are moving, and there will be no place for a BC in the new home. Bruno does not like the lawn mower and whipper snipper, he will bark when he can hear one, uncluding next door. He is missing a toe from an accident with a previous neighbour and a lawnmower. :( Bruno is also scared of cars when out on a walk, and he will lunce at them. A home which will spend some time helping to develop some confidence when out and about, so that passing cars do not cause him stress would be ideal. Bruno doesn't bark at other dogs. He loves to have you throw the ball for him to chase.... but he will not bring it back. Bruno had some training as a pup, but this has not been continued. He would love to learn more. He will sit on command and will sometimes stay on command. Bruno is desexed. For more info on Bruno please contact Linda at lindacdavid64@gmail.com


Hunter --- (posted 11/1/2023) ---

We have a beautiful 4 year old male pure bred border collie, Hunter. Due to some change in some work circumstances we have sadly had to make the decision to re home him. We are working longer hours meaning he doesn't get the attention he deserves and have recently relocated to Cairns for work and meant moving into a smaller block of land with smaller backyard. He loves to play, chase a ball and loves a good head rub and a run on the beach. He sometimes barks, but generally it will be at something going around him, not barking unnecessarily. Due to work circumstances and spending less time with him, his training has probably fallen to the wayside ... he knows the general commands etc but may need sometime to re establish it fully. He's mostly a good walker, that being said, I do walk him on a halti to stop him from pulling. He's fully vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and on monthly Nex Gard Spectra. He's never really been around children so we really couldn't comment on that. We would also say that he would be better suited to a house without cats unless they are kept separated. The only issue we have ever had with Hunter is that he can be possessive over his food - he is ok with us, will sometimes growl if we touch him while eating but knows we're boss and that's that. But if there is another animal around or comes close while eating he will be protective/growl etc. This has been since he was a puppy and at puppy school they gave all the dogs big treats to eat and it was chaos. Happy to discuss this further. Hunter is such a lovely dog and we are very sad to make this decision. Adoption $400 - happy discuss relocation costs as well. He flew from Brisbane to Cairns last year and was fine. For more info on Hunter please contact Caitlin at caitlin.schimpf@uqconnect.edu.au


Blue --- (posted 17/1/2023) ---

Blue is our amazing 9 month old Amstaff x Border Collie puppy, who we adopted at 8 weeks of age from a rescue. He is extremely intelligent, playful, beautiful natured, and loves all humans and dogs alike (They all love him back!). Unfortunately, due to Blue's behavioural issues we are looking to rehome him to someone who is either very experienced or a behaviourist/trainer themselves. Perhaps someone looking for a challenge. We refuse to give him to just anyone, as we do not want him to end up surrendered or in a pound. His behavioural issues consist of generalised anxiety, hyper arousal, difficult settling in the home, sensitivities to noises, some barking at noises (this is getting better) and excessive biting (towards me). The veterinary behaviourist we have been working with has him on medication and we have a plan for training etc. The behaviourist has also stated she can go over all the details with the new owner if necessary. We have been working with Blue to help him as much as we can and although we love him so very dearly, our finances are dwindling and we are mentally and physically drained. Blue can sit, lay down, shake, middle, spin and comes when called (this still needs more work). He is good on lead, however this also needs more work and training as when he is excited or distracted he does pull a lot. He is very strong and still just a puppy so continued training on this is a must. He is energetic and needs a lot of mental enrichment. Blue is a lovely puppy with so much love to give for the person who can help him get through this stage. For whoever can do this, you will have the best, most loyal, balanced dog who will do anything for you for as long as he lives. We adore him, and only the best, most appropriate home will do. If you think this might be you please contact Cinzia via email for more info. c.rocchi@hotmail.com


5 young boys --- (posted 31/1/2023) ---

These 5 beautiful desexed boys are part of a litter that now needs to be rehomed. They are being looked after, but have not been trained. They are currently a happy little pack, pretty much doing as they please. Obviously they do not need to be rehomed together, but perhaps a pair together might be a ready made doggy family? Note that they are not housetrained, and not well socialised with regard to town life, or many of the noises and sights in the world. A strategy will be needed by new homes to engage them in a companion BC life. For more info on them please contact Kiera at kiera_lang@hotmail.com


Obi --- (posted 4/2/2023) ---

Obi is a lovely, clever, healthy and inquisitive Border Collie who is friendly and loves playing frisbee and getting loads of pets and scratches. He is 14 months old and wants to experience everything, he is independent and inquisitive and can amuse himself but he is also very loving and can't get enough scratches and hugs. He has boundless energy and is excited on walks and sometimes nervous but also loves hanging out with people, meeting new dogs and being part of all the action. He is crate trained and loves sleeping in his crate. He is still learning not to pull when walking, is slightly reactive to cars but responding well to training. When he is nervous and under pressure, he might jump/nip so is best suited to a family without young children. He is a super quick learner and loves learning new tricks and chasing balls. He would make a great companion for adventurous people or if people have the time to train him in a sport. For more info on Obi please contact Tara at tarasearle@outlook.com


Shadow --- (posted 6/2/2023) ---

Shadow is a very beautiful girl looking for her special human and forever home. She is mostly black with a white blaze on her chest and a few white toes. She is aged around three and was desexed and vaccinated last week. Shadow is good, if a bit excitable, round other dogs and has a good recall. She also walks nicely on lead. Great with humans and has been very good with any kids we have introduced her to. Despite being moved around a bit in her lifetime since her previous owner was taken very sick in hospital, she has taken it all in her stride and would make a fantastic companion for the right person. A reasonable price is being put on her, to recoup some of the vet costs that have been incurred for her desexing and vaccinations, etc. Only the best home will do for this gorgeous girl. For more info on Shadow please contact Jean at jeanhydleman@gmail.com


Tucker --- (posted 7/2/2023) ---

Tucker is a magnificent looking choc male 7 year old registered pedigreed dog. He was returned to his breeder after more than 6 years due to some behavioural issues. He needs to find a forever home with an experienced BC family. He is great 99% of them time but the other 1% he suffers from fear aggression. Thunder and lightning approaching is a particular trigger and he will escape from the yard in panic. He gets very scared and will bite anyone trying to help him for the next few hours till he calms down. If he is left alone at home during a storm he will do his darnedest to escape. If he is crated beforehand and he cannot escape and he's fine. A strategy to manage him, possibly with the assistance of a behaviourist, is necessary. Tucker loves his crate, it is his safe happy place. Tucker also an issue with a car. He happily gets into a car or truck etc but he doesn't want to be handled whilst in there or pulled out...He will get out by himself - he doesn't want help. Tucker usually gets on well with other dogs of every size but has had issues with entire males. He is also somewhat food aggressive but this is manageable. All these behaviours suggest Tucker needs an experienced home with only adults, and the intent to help him increase his tolerance of things that cause anxiety. Tucker is obsessed with a ball thrower. For more info on Tucker please contact Brett at brettbode671@gmail.com


Max --- (posted 14/2/2023) ---

A distraught owner seeks your assistance to rehome Max. He is exercised daily but his barking is excessive when left alone outside. The barking is triggered by neighboring dogs and also birds. The barking is constant and is now an issue with local Council. To keep him safe Max is being placed in a crate inside for 6-8 hours daily, when no one is at home. He is not living his best life. Outside the confines of the backyard and when on or off lead in open spaces or bushland he is not a barker. He does not constantly bark if you are in the backyard with him either and playing games with him. Out in the bush he will try to herd roos at a distance. He has a strong herding instinct. Antibark devices have sensitised him to having new collars put on, and he resists. He has been seen by two dog behaviourists. One prescibed medication, which didn't seem to help. Possibly an alternative medication might be needed. Max does have special needs. He does not like to be patted although he does love human interaction and will lick your face when greeting you if given the chance. He will also guard objects that he has 'stolen'. He has a few triggers. Max knows his walking lead and you have no problems putting that on him. The dog behaviourist explained the behaviour and said it is not unusual in Border Collies. Max will play fetch all day. He knows all the basic command and has good recall. Loves swimming, trail walks/runs, fetch. Being off-lead in the bushland he always behaves and does not bark. He will chase cars though so needs to be on a lead near roads with the compulsive behaviour to herd. Max is crate trained and contentedly sleeps inside at night. Max has his own FB page https://www.facebook.com/max86bordercollie/ with plenty of photos and videos of his life. Max lives happily with a cat. Even when the cat paws him and gives him a wack as he walks past, Max Will play and paw the cat back in a playful way. Max also has other dog visitors in his life and when he trusts those dogs he does not again act aggressively. He is better with smaller dogs and can have anxiety with bigger dogs if they rush at him. Again, once he becomes accustomed the anxiety and aggressive behaviour disappears. Max needs a home with an experienced BC owner, and no children. For more info on Max please contact Craig at craigagreen3@gmail.com


Rex --- (posted 17/2/2023) ---

Rex is a purebred 7 yr old male Border Collie (caramel/white combination) and has been the beloved pet of an elderly person who is no longer able to care for him. Rex has been in foster care for a few months now and has learned to love getting out and about for regular walks, meeting other dogs at the beach etc. Rex has a loving and loyal nature and needs a single dog household as he wants all the attention for himself (which is what he is used to) in a home. He doesn't want to share food or toys with another dog. Rex would prefer no children or children over 12+ yrs of age. He isn't good with cats. His coat has been kept short to minimize shedding. Rex loves to play games, chase balls and bark at the bats in the back corner of the yard or cuddle up on the sofa with you. Rex is OK on the lead but not suitable for off lead anywhere as he has been known to chase joggers, prams and cyclists in the general park area in the early part of his life. Rex is fully vaccinated, desexed and up to date with all his vet check ups. To recap the home Rex needs:- ** 24/7 access to house/garden (dog door ideal) ** No other dogs in the house ** Daily walks ** Children over 12 yrs of age ** Regular grooming ** Good diet For More info on Rex please contact christine_burkhart@hotmail.com


Bob --- (posted 22/2/2023) ---

Bob is a 5 year old desexed male border collie. He is a very affectionate dog once he is comfortable. He is however an anxious dog, with strong protection tendencies. Very strong herding instincts, loves chasing balls and is sociable with some dogs. I've been doing alot of positive reinforcement with him and clicker training which he responds really well to. Bob would suit a home that has a very good understanding of the BC breed, has maybe one other dog - female preferred - tho he's good with grumpy older male BC dogs (his father was a grumpy dog!). Somewhere he has space outside to run would be preferred. Would suit some-one who is keen to continue positive reinforcement training with him, training in agility or see if his herding instincts are helpful. Bob is very healthy and will come with all his medical information and his gear. Only genuine enquiries pls. If you are able to provide a loving and supportive environment to Bob, please email me. Bob is reactive to certain situations and the vet has just prescribed anxiety medication to lower his stress response. For more info on Bob please contact Ruth at ruthrbohill@gmail.com


Benji --- (posted 1/3/2023) ---

I have a pure bred, sweet 1yr 9mth old male looking for his right forever home. Benji is fully vaccinated, microchipped, desexed and up to date with his worming. He is great in the house, backyard and going on car trips. After being hit by a car in 2021, (degloving injury to his left forelimb and foot, no fracture, some laxity of one toe), he has made an amazing recovery and has regained full use of his leg again. Given the rehabilitation time frame, he would benefit someone who can continue his socialization training. He is best suited to a home as a solo dog but might be okay with a female if introduced appropriately. He is not suitable for off leash walking at dog parks running with other dogs; social time and more one on one time is what he'd love. Benji would love someone with Border Collie or working dog experience. He loves the beach, walks and would benefit from someone who could continue his training walking alongside busy roads. Whilst he enjoys having activities to do, he's not an over active border collie. He loves to be with you, enjoys time to relax, play with his toys and likes classical music (I can tell you more about his training with this upon expression of interest). He has great recall and knows quite a few commands. Benji is not suitable for a home with young children. Benji has a simplified diet free from pork and seafood. Chicken is what he likes best. If this sweet natured, eager to please boy sounds like the right fit for you please email efyson87@gmail.com: - your location, - experience with Border Collies, - Work/life arrangement in terms of how you will welcome him into your home and time spent at and away from home, - and importantly, why you think Benji's the right fit for you.


Jeska --- (posted 3/3/2023) ---

Jeska is a 7 year old Border Collie. She has been desexed, microchipped and her last vaccination was late 2021. She is very healthy, obedient and keen to learn, run and play. She loves to play ball games and round up our sheep, cat and chickens. She has lived on a property in the hills and is not accustomed to suburban life. Jeska has issues though, as she nips some visitors, including children, to control them. Also, twice she has been attacked by dogs and now she lunges at strange dogs, if approached by them, before they can attack her. A home experienced with anxious BCs is needed. Continued positive re-inforcement of calm behaviours, and improving social skills should make her a more relaxed girl. For more info on Jeska please contact Anne at aniwardle@gmail.com


Dobbie and George --- (posted 4/3/2023) ---

This is the story of Dobbie (black) and George (tan). They are Border Collie/Kelpie cross, 4 1/2 to 5 years old, desexed and have never been separated and I don't believe they should be and will thrive better together. They come from a good home originally but there was a marriage breakdown and divorce. They lived on acreage which needed to be sold. I can only afford to buy a townhouse now and with the housing shortage, townhouses with small yards are highly sought after. I have come to realise a small townhouse yard may not be in their best interests. They are currently living with my parents, also on acreage so this is the environment with which they are familiar. My parents already had 2 dogs and a few other animals and have helped care for them for nearly 2 years, so after a great deal of thought, I would like to find a new loving home for them. They have earned it. It has been a difficult decision and I am not making it lightly. I would like to tell you the good things about them. They are happy, healthy and as well balanced as any dogs can be. They thoroughly enjoy human company and have experience with most ages, but largely adults. When smaller children are with them, they love them. They came from their original home to where they are now to mix with an entire miniature schnauzer and a desexed bull arab cross. They all get along famously and there has never been a fight, they all play together. They love to lay on the veranda of the house, although they don't live inside and they are locked on the veranda at night and sleep quietly. They have responded well to this human closeness and would be great company for anyone. Treats ensure their undivided love. They like waterholes, but not baths. I'm not sure about the ocean. No issues with storms. They are good and not fussy eaters. Wormed monthly. Now their lack of experiences - suburban living is one, another is travelling in a car often although they have been occasionally. I am sure they will adapt and gain confidence with that experience. They have not been on a lead a great deal, but again, they adapt. Treats make the difference. They have not been to dog parks, but have mixed with dogs and people at a dog friendly beach, on leads, and were absolutely fine. Love being adored. They definitely don't like cats, chooks or plovers. Ride-on mowers were an issue but we have worked on that and generally restrain them anyway at mowing time just to be sure. Having lived on acreage, they are not familiar with being crated. They are energetic in a normal healthy dog way but if they have a good walk or run around they are happy to lay on the veranda. Chasing balls is not their thing, more playing with each other. Their interaction with other animals like cattle and goats is limited but they have been around alpacas. They don't seem to have many bad traits that would be any different to any other type of dog. Every dog at some point does something you wish it hadn't. They don't seem to be any more anxious than any other dog when in an unfamiliar situation. They will need good fencing. Their possibilities are there to be enjoyed. They look to herd so perhaps someone may be able to try some kind of training with animals or dog agility. They are smart and keen. They could also just be the best companion dogs and live life going for walks and sitting with you and being cared for. They give it back in spades. They deserve to live their best life now, together. They have been through an emotional time, along with me, and they survived it because they had each other, so I want to respect that devotion. The location is around 45 minutes north west of Brisbane. If you are genuinely interested in offering to take them both into your life, please email on ourway104@gmail.com My name is Dale (I'm their dad), and my parents are Viv (my dad) and Jenny (step-mum). If you have any other questions, please ask.


Penny and Phoebe --- (posted 5/3/2023) ---

Penny and Phoebe are 7 years old. They grew up on acreage with a dam. Inside outside dogs. At home they ate one meal a day of the very best meat roll and kibble for working dogs. They are family oriented and have never seen a farm or sheep or cows. Their current vets are Koala Park. All of their records are there on file. They love children and are passive and are loyal. A change in family circumstances means that they have to find a new home. A good family on acreage is sought to keep them happy. For the past 8 months they have been boarding at Shady acres and I can no longer afford to keep them there. I take them out every Saturday for 5 hours. They swim at Thompsons Beach (paddle) Love walks. Know commands like left and right and right back. They are perceptive. They are loyal to kind people. They are very good socially. However, with the maremmma in them, they are stubborn when they want to be. I give them uncooked bones from the butchers and chicken necks as treats. Previously had 6 free range chickens. Penny and Phoebe never bothered them. They barked at the postman and avoided some tradies. If you have the desire for a ready made working dog family,with some space and the time to give them some fun exercise, then Penny and Phoebe are waiting to hear from you. For more info please contact kristanryan@icloud.com

For details on each dog please contact the listed owner, and for general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


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