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  • Gretel 11 yo old black and white female BC Afghan cross (Brisbane)

  • Nicky 5 year old black and white shortcoated female BC cross (Fraser Coast QLD)

  • Cash Special needs - 7 month old blue merle male BC cross Koolie (Ipswich, QLD)

  • Pomme 12 month old short-coated black female 3/4 BC (1/4 ACD) (Moree, NSW)

  • Flash Jack 8 yo purebred pedigree black and white male BC (Narwee, Sydney)

  • Jodi almost 3 yo, special needs, black and white female BC (Sydney)


Gretel --- (posted 15/8/2018) ---

Gretel is a stunning girl in classic black and white colouring, with Afghan proportons. Her family circumstances have changed and they are regretfully seeking to find her an alternate home. Gretel is a gentle and soft girl who loves adults and loves her walks. She is also an excellent watchdog. Gretel is not fond of children or other dogs, so this needs to be considered in the choice of her new home. A home without children, where Gretel could be the only dog is sought. For more information on this beautiful girl please contact Pamela on 0438 099 532


Nicky --- (posted 2/9/2018) ---

Please welcome Nicky. She is a 5 year old border collie X. Nicky is up to date with all vaccinations, desexing, worming etc. She is very shy at first so a bit of patience will be required. Nicky is non-reactive to cats and my neighbours' dogs, but she would be suited to an only dog home. She is such a cutie when she does come out of her shell, she will chase the ball possibly twice and return it once then game over :-D, but loves her walks, pats and being around her hoomans, she is such a delight. Her adoption fee is $250 and she is available for meet and greets and is available for 2 week trials for a fully refundable $50. Fraser Coast Animal Rescue 0447 175 511


Cash --- (posted 29/12/2018) ---

Cash is a stunning young boy who needs an experienced and committed BC home with no small children and preferably no other dogs. Cash is extremely affectionate and is never far away from his favourite people. Cash is extremely intelligent and learns fast when adopting modern reinforcement-based training. Cash struggles with anxiety (not serious separation anxiety) especially with strange sounds and scary objects (e.g. kids on bikes, riding in cars etc). Cash is also an extreme resource guarder around food. He has a bite history due to the resource guarding. Although Cash will show bite inhibition initially (no punctures), if he feels this isn’t working, he will bite as hard as required. For this reason, he is currently in temporary housing with a positive reinforcement trainer who is working with Cash’s anxiety levels, handling issues and guarding triggers with good short-term results (videos available for viewing). With the right home, a good management plan, and support from a positive reinforcement trainer, Cash could a great addition to any home. Might you be that home? If you think you might, then please call Molly on 0402698961.


Pomme --- (posted 9/2/2018) ---

Pomme is a sweet girl who has never been a only dog, so a home where she will have doggy companions as well as people is preferred. She loves the company of other dogs. Pomme is a failed working dog, now looking for a pet home. When she’s on leash and you stop walking, she’s happy to sit or lie down and wait for the walk to resume. Pomme needs an active family who will be prepared to give her mental as well as physical exercise. Pomme is a light framed girl, so if you ever need to lift her for any reason, it’s easy. She will hop into the car very readily. Between games or walks, Pomme will take a breather under a shady tree, and keep an eye on everything that is going on. She doesn't want to roam, she wants to be with her family, both human and canine. Her adoption fee is $280. For more info please contact Denise on 0429 457 558. Email denise.joiner@bigpond.com


Flash Jack --- (posted 12/2/2018) ---

No... :) He doesn't answer to Flash Jack - that is part of his pedigree name. Just Jack will do for him. He is a lovely middle-aged classic BC boy who needs a new home which has time to interact with him and make him part of the family. Jack doesn't have any particular issues, he likes people and he even tolerates a crowd of children wanting to pat him because he is so adorable. His current home doesn't have time to give him attention and exercise any more, and what he would like more than anything is the opportunity to be a part-time house-dog, and come inside when the rest of the family go indoors. Jack is in good health, having very regular vet checks, and recently a coat clip for summer. He loves his toys, and he particularly likes a good walk with his family. For more info on Jack please contact Jay on 0491 081 549


Jodi --- (posted 14/2/2018) ---

Jodi is a gorgeous black and white girl with one stunning blue eye, and a petite build. She is a girl with challenges, and a home experienced with BCs, and ready for a project, is sought. Jodi is a very smart, edgy girl who needs considerable behavioural training and management to help her cope with life. She's the dog version of a human stresshead, and her family will need to help her slowly settle and be able to be comfortable with the world. Jodi is not aggressive, but life isn't currently easy for her. A behavioural management program and medication will be required for some time. If you are an experienced BC home, looking for a challenge, and the rewards that come with helping a stressed BC, then please contact Julie on 0421 203 619.

For general information on BC rescue email  bcra@bcra.org.au 


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