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  • Many BCs in Dog Pounds Assorted BCs (Australia-wide)

  • Mieko Almost 4 year old black and white female BC (Western Sydney)

  • Leo and Max Two 1 year old full coated male BCs (Blaxland NSW)

  • Rigby 3 year old short coated male BC kelpie cross (Central Coast NSW)

  • Lincoln 6 1/2 yo black and white full coated male BC (St Clair NSW)

  • Kokoda and Jeddah 3 year old male and 7 year old female BCs (TBA)

  • CJ 8.5 yo black and white classical male BC (Birkdale, QLD)


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Assorted BCs

There is now a website specifically to list working dogs in pounds. If you would consider adopting a BC direct from a pound, then please have a look. Many dogs die each week in pounds due to the lack of sufficient good homes. Click here to go directly to the section for Border Collies.


Mieko --- (posted 14/6/2017) ---

Mieko is a beautiful but very soft female BC who needs a home that has experience with BC's, especially timid ones. Mieko is super intelligent, and knows all her toys by name and colour, and can find your phone for you, if you've forgotten where you put it. Mieko's intelligence comes with anxiety and over-thinking, which makes her nervous about anything that she doesn't know (sounds or objects). She was frightened by a squealing toddler when she was a pup, and has never gotten over that, so she is scared of all little people. Mieko's anxiety over strange things includes other dogs. Meiko needs an experienced BC-owning home, where she will be able to be an indoor dog, and where her confidence with all things strange can slowly be positively developed. Mieko is desexed with one blue eye and one brown eye. For more information on Mieko please contact Belinda on 0404 248 260


Leo and Max --- (posted 25/6/2017) ---

Leo (caramel and white) and Max (black and white) are a pair of littermates who have never been separated, so the preference is to find them a home together. Their current family have realised that taking on two young BCs was more than they expected, and with very mixed feelings they are looking for a home that will have more time to spend with, and manage, these two boys. Both of them know basic commands and will sit, or wait to eat. They are very friendly, and exuberant in their greetings. They love activity, and walks and playing tug. Neither of them is very fussed with a ball. They both love a snuggle. Leo and Max will need to be desexed as a condition of their rehoming. Their vaccinations are current. For more info on these lovely boys please contact Ricky on 0414 629 364


Rigby --- (posted 5/9/2017) ---

Rigby currently lives on a hobby farm, and although he has plenty of space he wants more to do. Rigby is proving to be a fantastic dog, extremely obedient and great with other dogs. He has proven himself good with command, keen to work, and he exercises some control with working with the two farm sheep. His desire to work, work and run, is not being satisfied on the hobby farm, and a home where he might be able to work more is sought. Rigby would be a great candidate for competitive herding, or another active dog sport. For more information on Rigby please contact Lisa on 0411440866 or email L271163@gmail.com


Lincoln --- (posted 12/9/2017) ---

Lincoln is a beautiful, classically marked boy who needs a new home through no fault of his own. Lincoln loves to be active, and so a home looking for an active companion would be ideal. Lincoln has no formal training but he is a lovely boy with no vices. He is scared of thunderstorms. Lincoln will be desexed before he is rehomed. If you were after a BC that was past puppyhood, and who's personality is fully formed you might be very happy with Lincoln. For more info please contact Barbara on 0409160758


Kokoda and Jeddah --- (posted 5/10/2017) ---

A change in family circumstances sees this pair of BCs looking for a new home, preferably together. They are both housetrained, and they get on well together, but Jeddah would prefer a home with no other dogs than Kokoda. She gets on well with cats, but doesn't like possums. Kokoda is red and white and is a very soft boy. He also gets on with cats, and is intimidated by dogs he doesn't know. For more info on this pair please contact Julie on 0412493303.


CJ --- (posted 5/11/2017) ---

CJ is a sweet soul looking for a new home due to no fault of his own. He is a beloved family pet who currently lives with a 2 1/2 human boy with whom there have been no issues. (Like any BC he is exciteable and strong, and so he is not recommended as a playmate for toddlers.) He is good with humans and other dogs, tho he will bark at a stranger visiting the house. CJ likes to be with his people, walking, chilling in front of the TV - whatever you want to do. CJ does have skin issues in reaction to some brands of dog food, and this needs to be managed with his diet. For more info on CJ please contact Jessie at jessieannelee@hotmail.com

For general information on BC rescue email  bcra@bcra.org.au 


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