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  • Maggie Mae and Eddie Two purebred black and white BCs, 7 and 6 years old (Nicholson, Vic)

  • Harley and Oliver 9 year old red and white, full coated male BC and 7 year old companion BC cross (nr Sunshine Coast, Qld)

  • Rex 18 month old male BC (Southern Tas)

  • Oreo 3 year old black and white classic male BC (Leppington, NSW)

  • Alice Almost 2 year old black and white female BC cross Kelpie (Karalee, Qld)

  • River 6 year old petite purebred chocolate and white female BC (Toowoomba, Qld)


Maggie Mae and Eddie --- (posted 30/11/2020) ---

This affectionate and attention seeking pair are looking for a new home due to a change in circumstances for their owner. A home is sought for the two of them together, as they are very attached to each other. Eddie is the father and Maggie Mae was one of his pups They need ongoing mental and physical stimulation, and to be part of a new family. They are not dogs to be left in a backyard. They are both very intelligent, they love people and they love activity, including outings, swimming and walks. A home with no small children is sought as Maggie Mae was hurt by a child when she was a pup and she is wary of little people. For more info on this lovely pair please email: annbalharrie1@gmail.com


Harley and Oliver --- (posted 30/11/2020) ---

This pair are in need of a new home due to unforeseen family circumstances. A home is sought which can take them as a pair, as Oliver gets anxious when he doesn't know where Harley is. Oliver also doesn't get along with other dogs, apart from Harley so management of situations where other dogs might be encountered will be needed. Oliver has sad eyes which make you just want to give him a hug. He loves to run and play, and he is a great jumper. Harley is on the tall side for a BC, a beautiful boy with a happy, dopey face. He loves his food, and will do anything for a treat. Both dogs are currently living in a home with a 1 year old, in whom they have shown no interest. However, neither of them has much experience with young children and a home with no young children is sought. For more info on this pair please contact Cara by text in the first instance on 0430 521 233.


Rex --- (posted 3/1/2021) ---

"Rex" 18 month old Male BC. Desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Not suitable for a home with children. Older teens and above only as he has bitten a child recently and gets nippy with my toddler. Is used to cats but will follow/herd them about the house and outside. Fine when they're sleeping. Will chase horses/sheep etc, has been kicked before from chasing. This could be trained out of him. Good with other dogs, can be unsure of larger dogs until he gets to know them. Will bond with one person and be loyal to them. Loves affection and attention from his human. Needs this daily to be happy. Walks okay using a halti. Knows sit and stay (most of the time) doesn't have good recall and needs alot of training time put in. Stays in my yard when I'm not home and he is capable of jumping my fence. If I am home and leave the gate open he will go for a brief wander but always returns home within 5-10 minutes. Forever home needed. Only enquire if you have time to spend with him and on his training. Call me if interested in meeting Rex. Bec 0478112195


Oreo --- (posted 4/1/2021) ---

Oreo is a 3 year old male, classically marked border collie with brown eyes and a shiny, straight coat. He is affectionate, loyal and sensitive with the two loving adults he’s been living with in a suburban setting. He is very good with adult visitors, but is frightened of children and has growled and nipped at them as a warning in the past. He has never bitten anyone, but it’s clear he is unhappy and under stress in this environment. A home with children or frequent young visitors will not be suitable for him. A quieter, more rural setting is needed for Oreo, as he also has noise sensitivity & anxiety (parties, fireworks, construction noise, lawnmowers, heavy traffic noise etc) Oreo has been desexed, is up to date with his vaccinations and is microchipped (but not registered). He is variable towards other dogs, but is much better with them when on a leash and being guided- he is much more of a people person. Oreo has been living on a diet of raw chicken, vegetables, raw eggs and grains so this should be maintained. He has slept inside his whole life. Oreo is very obedient and follows commands easily- sit, drop, roll over, stand, around himself, circling you, through your legs, stay (including at dinner time while you put food down), come, fetch & give. Practice these daily and also incorporate new tricks to keep his mind stimulated. He’ll be your shadow and make a fantastic companion, following you everywhere you go. His favourite activities are playing under the hose & playing fetch- he is extremely focused and needs to practice fetch daily. Walks should also be very regular, so someone willing to exercise his body and mind daily is required. If you’re a peaceful, adult-only household wanting a loving companion, Oreo could be the right dog for you. For more information on Oreo, please contact Alex via email: alex.j.tinker@gmail.com


Alice --- (posted 8/1/2021) ---

Alice is a sleek, black and white girl with classical markings. She is a dog with limited social skills, and this manifests in her inability to get along with other dogs. Her attempts to play with other dogs result in fights, and this is happening in her own multi-dog household. A home where she can be an only dog, and be supported to develop some better self-confidence and social skills is sought. Alice has no experience with cats. With adults, Alice loves to play and exercise. She pulls a bit on lead, and is used to walking on a head-collar. She is too reactive for a home with any small children. If you have experience with an anxious working dog, and if you are looking for a young, active dog to become the centre of your world, then Alice might be just what you need. For more info on Alice please contact Lee (please text first) on 0416236787


River --- (posted 24/1/2021) ---

River is a beautiful petite girl who has some anxiety issues and a medium level of training. Her reliability with a recall, for example, varies depending on distractions and incentives. (If you are holding her toy you will have no trouble.) She adores her male owner and is very responsive to him. Considerably less so to others. Her anxiety triggers include some other dogs, and some people, and she needs a child-free home with BC experience to set a routine and work on her self-confidence to try to reduce her concerns. A regime of training with appropriate positive incentives, in her case games, will support this and improve her manners. Currently she jumps up when excited and she pulls on lead when walking. She loves to play! Massive fan of tug of war and fetching. She will play all day if she could. She also enjoys sliding in to fetch, which sometimes sees her damaging a dew claw. Since River needs to be desexed in her new home, getting these removed at that time would probably be sensible. River does really well with a routine and lots and lots of exercise and attention. Routine and exercise change her from anxious back to a beautiful and happy girl. She is very very lovely and sweet. She is up to date with heartworm/fleas etc. She is overdue for her C5 injection. Her mouth is healthy and she has beautiful teeth. For more info please contact Tahneea at tahneea_ann72@yahoo.com.au

For general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


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