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  • Jodi almost 3 yo, special needs, black and white female BC (Sydney)

  • Jax 8.5 yo black and white, full coat male BC (wollongong, NSW)

  • Minti 4 year old, smooth coat, black and white female BC (nr Brisbane)

  • Bondi 8 year old, gorgeous black and white male BC (ACT)

  • Darby 6 year old, wheaten and white male BC (Gold Coast)

  • Molly 6 year old, black and white female BC (Sydney)

  • Scout 15 month old, black and white male BC (North West Sydney)

  • Phoebe 9 year old, black and blue merle female BC (nr Newcastle, NSW)


Jodi --- (posted 14/2/2018) ---

Jodi is a gorgeous black and white girl with one stunning blue eye, and a petite build. She is a girl with challenges, and a home experienced with BCs, and ready for a project, is sought. Jodi is a very smart, edgy girl who needs considerable behavioural training and management to help her cope with life. She's the dog version of a human stresshead, and her family will need to help her slowly settle and be able to be comfortable with the world. Jodi is not aggressive, but life isn't currently easy for her. A behavioural management program and medication will be required for some time. If you are an experienced BC home, looking for a challenge, and the rewards that come with helping a stressed BC, then please contact Julie on 0421 203 619.


Jax --- (posted 7/3/2019) ---

Jax is a lovely boy who just loves people. He is not well socialised with other dogs, and prefers to avoid them. He did grow up with another BC, but now he is the only dog, and he has become a bit of a yard guard dog. He will bark at problems. Jax is a little noise sensitve and will also bark at storms, like most BCs. Jax's family has changed and they want to find a new home that will have the time to spend with him, and give him the home he deserves. For more info please contact Nicole on 0422 692 952


Minti --- (posted 22/5/2019) ---

Minti is a very sweet, somewhat anxious girl who is not getting enough mental or physical stimulation in her current home. A home that wants to have her as part of their active lives every day is sought. Minti is OK with children, but her jumping and barking can scare them. She currently lives happily with a 9 yo boy and another dog. Minti can't resist stalking the other dog, which is not appreciated, or chasing her, when a ball is thrown. Minti is somewhat apprehensive when she encounters strange dogs when out walking, and a gentle program of continued positive re-inforcement for interactions with other dogs, would be a good approach. Minti loves chasing cats, and so a home that doesn't have cats would be best. Minti is still young and has a lot of love to give. She needs a home that will put a little time into her continued development. If you are looking for a new black and white family member who will love you unconditionally then maybe Minti is the girl for you. For more info please contact Abbey on 0490111333 or email artymamma@gmail.com


Bondi --- (posted 4/6/2019) ---

Bondi's family have had changes in circumstances which have made his remaining with them an impossible option. They are very sad, and only the best home will do for this boy. Bondi is an anxious boy and he needs an experienced BC home which understands that not all BCs welcome people or dogs that they don't know, first up. An ongoing program of socialisation with positive reinforcement is needed. Bondi is a very soft and sensitive boy. He can herd a rabbit back into its pen without touching it.... but something new and strange might worry him. Bondi has a strong herding instinct, (although gentle) and he loves a snuggle and a game of fetch (ball or frisbee). Bondi is used to being mostly outdoors, but enjoys sleeping inside. Cuddling on the couch would be his preference. Bondi would not be suitable for a home with small children, he is not an escape artist, and he does want a BC experienced home. For more info please contact Karen on 0411 461 395 or Brendan on 0405 641 756


Darby --- (posted 20/7/2019) ---

Darby is a 6 year old, desexed wheaten border collie. He wants to be a lap dog, and is extremely cuddly, loyal and loving. He is currently living with two young children, and he obeys them and loves to have them climb all over him and cuddle him. He also lives with two cats and an older kelpie. He will chase the cats out of the yard and has started to get rough with the kelpie as she has aged; we think this is due to jealousy. She has been hurt by him, and this is why we are sadly looking at rehoming him. He would make an awful working dog, and would be suited to a home that has no other pets, and with a family that would cuddle him and play with him daily. He loves to go for walks and runs. We love him dearly but he is not getting the love and attention he needs and deserves, and we want him to have a happy life, rather than just a life. He is not good with other dogs or cats, and will need a strong owner that can manage him when he is out for walks. He will bark and pull at other dogs he sees out. He is built like a tank. His attitude to other dogs and to cats is his only fault, because he really has a huge heart full of love for his people. If you would be interested in Darby, I can be contacted on 0414 414 637. We are not in a rush to rehome him; we want him to go to the right family. We are located on the Gold Coast. Emily.


Molly --- (posted 31/7/2019) ---

Molly is an absolutely beautiful BC girl who is obedient unless distracted and who loves her people. Molly is very reactive to other dogs, and may go out of her way to see another dog off, even it it is minding it's own business. Smaller dogs in particular are an issue. Molly needs a home which wants to make her part of the family, with a secure yard and no other pets. Experience with a reactive BC would be desirable. Molly may be able to be helped to be less worried by other dogs, but she will not be able to be taken to the off-lead dog park or let run loose on the beach. For more info on Molly please contact John at john_borrow@yahoo.com


Scout --- (posted 29/8/2019) ---

Scout is an affectionate, responsive boy who is very friendly, housetrained and walks well on lead. Souts family have moved to a site where this is just not enough room for a young active boy, and they ahve tried to rehome him, but Scout has not been happily accepted by the other dog in the home. Scout currently lives with another dog, and has comfortably boarded with other dogs. Perhaps a home with no other dogs would be best. Scout needs a home that will incorporate activity for him in their lives. A home with small children would not be recommended for such a active young BC. For more info on Scout please contact Louisa at loutopia_82@yahoo.com.au


Phoebe --- (posted 10/9/2019) ---

Phoebe is a middle-age girl who is generally placid, and loves adults, but isn't comfortable with youngsters. She is a very pretty BC who looks a bit like she might also have some blue cattle dog in her lines making her black with blue merle markings and a medium coat. Phoebe's home has had a change of family members and Phoebe is not comfortable, and this isn't going to change. A home that can manage a mature girl who doesn't welcome little children is sought. (note that there has been no aggression, just discomfort) Phoebe is very active and would love a new home that was happy with her temperament as it is (no young children). For more info on Phoebe please contact Sam on 0474780337

For general information on BC rescue email  bcra@bcra.org.au 


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