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  • Darby 6 year old, wheaten and white male BC (Gold Coast)

  • Stella 5 year old, black and white female BC Kelpie cross (Central Coast, NSW)

  • Bear 8 month old, wheaten and white male BC (Central Coast, NSW)

  • Eadie NOTE: Eadie is on trial in a new home, hopefully happily placed. 3 1/2 year old, black and white female BC Beagle cross (Silvania, NSW)

  • Freckles 12 months old, mostly white male BC Aussie Shepherd cross (Ulladulla, NSW)

  • Chips 15 months old blue merle male BC (Inner west Sydney, NSW)

  • Meeko and Godzilla Two 11 months old smooth-coated male BC Kelpie crosses (Lane Cove,NSW)

  • Tilly 4 year old medium coat classic black and white female BC (Toowoomba, Qld)

  • Zeus 10 week old special needs black and white male BC (Gold Coast, Qld)


Darby --- (posted 20/7/2019) ---

Darby is a 6 year old, desexed wheaten border collie. He wants to be a lap dog, and is extremely cuddly, loyal and loving. He is currently living with two young children, and he obeys them and loves to have them climb all over him and cuddle him. He also lives with two cats and an older kelpie. He will chase the cats out of the yard and has started to get rough with the kelpie as she has aged; we think this is due to jealousy. She has been hurt by him, and this is why we are sadly looking at rehoming him. He would make an awful working dog, and would be suited to a home that has no other pets, and with a family that would cuddle him and play with him daily. He loves to go for walks and runs. We love him dearly but he is not getting the love and attention he needs and deserves, and we want him to have a happy life, rather than just a life. He is not good with other dogs or cats, and will need a strong owner that can manage him when he is out for walks. He will bark and pull at other dogs he sees out. He is built like a tank. His attitude to other dogs and to cats is his only fault, because he really has a huge heart full of love for his people. If you would be interested in Darby, I can be contacted on 0414 414 637. We are not in a rush to rehome him; we want him to go to the right family. We are located on the Gold Coast. Emily.


Stella --- (posted 27/9/2019) ---

Stella is a lovely but anxious BC kelpie cross. She is a typical anxious girl, and worries about people and things that she doesn't know. She is particular worried by small people, and so a family with no small children, who are prepared to manage an anxious girl is sought. Stella loves walks, and activity, and of course, the people she knows. A new home, or a foster home is sought. For more information please contact Louisa at louisa.horne@outlook.com


Bear --- (posted 10/12/2019) ---

Bear appears a lovely and playful BC boy, only 8 months old. However Bear has serious behavioural issues and is only a prospect for an experienced and committed BC savvy home. Whilst generally easy to manage, getting on OK with other dogs, and loving being with people, Bear has no bite inhibition, and when dealing with high value treats he has bitten people, and needs careful management, to help him develop and be a safe dog to live with. Bear is a gorgeous boy, easy to fall for. But he needs just the right home, with experience to teach him boundaries and develop his character in positive ways. If you have experience with problematic BCs and are ready for a challenge, this boy might be what you are looking for ? For more info please contact Emily on 0425 239 688


Eadie --- (posted 10/12/2019) ---

Eadie (Edith) was training as a service dog, but her exuberance has made her a bit too reactive to be a success in this vocation. She is a lovely, loving, friendly, happy and active girl who thrives in the company of people. Eadie loves all people, children, other dogs, gives her companion cat tummy rubs with her nose, and has a lot to give. She has also had quite a high level of training, and knows many commands - if she can keep calm enough to think about what it is she has been asked to do. This is her downfall. So being evaluated as too reactive to be the service dog she was in training to be, she is now looking for a pet home with a family who will love her. She is very cute, with both her BC and beagle heritage clear, and combined. For more info on Eadie please contact Clare on 0435 995 194


Freckles --- (posted 11/1/2020) ---

Freckles is an attractive short haired BC Australian shepherd cross. White fur with black ticking (freckles) through his under coat. He is slightly larger than an average BC currently weighing 25 kg. He has been desexed and fully immunised. Freckles is good with children and great with other dogs. He has spent some of his life in a farm situation and some in a domestic situation. He is currently an outside dog and would need training to become an inside dog. He is very trainable and loves to play and learn. He is very affectionate. He sits on command, shakes paw and waits for food and returns when called. He is still a boistrous puppy so will jump up, pulls on the lead at the start of a walk but settles on command briefly. He does not jump on strangers, he tends to wait back until they show him affection. Freckles only vice is his propensity to chew, especially plastic. Let to himself he is able to be quite destructive. A management plan that sees all non-chew toys put well out of reach, and alternate acceptable chew toys made available and desireable is needed. Crate training for when he is in the house, and not under close supervision would be a sensible component of this management. Freckles Needs lots of mental stiumation as well as the regular runs he's been getting. If you think you could provide a home for Freckles, then please contact Fiona on 0488933366


Chips --- (posted 11/1/2020) ---

Chips is a gorgeous and affectionate boy who is a special needs BC. Only a home that is experienced with anxious dogs, and which can demonstrate that they have an appropriate strategy for his ongoing management will be considered. Babies and children can't be included in the mix. Chips missed his puppy socialisation window, and extensive efforts to remedy this have had no success. Chips is scared of anything new, including the outside world, children, other dogs, - the only fear he doesn't have is of noise. So Chips is hoping for a life at home, where he is not expected to go for walks to the park, or runs on the beach, but instead have games of fetch in the backyard with people he loves. Chips is on behavioural medication and this will need to be continued, along with careful management of his interaction with the world. If you think that Chips would fit into your household please contact Alexis at alexisu54@gmail.com for more info.


Meeko and Godzilla --- (posted 11/1/2020) ---

Meeko and Godzilla are a young pair of boys (one mostly black, and the other classic BC black and white markings) who's family have had a change in circumstances, and so they need new home that can commit to their ongoing management and development. Both are microchipped and fully vetted. They love people, and cuddles, and walk well on a lead. They don't bark much, and are not scared of storms, they travel well in the car, and they are housetrained. A large group in the house doesn't unsettle them, they are generally well-behaved boys. A home that can take the pair together is sought. If you would like to get more info on this ready-made black and white doggy family, then please contact Katherine at kbineham@hotmail.com


Tilly --- (posted 15/1/2020) ---

Very sadly, Tilly has lost her owner, and her family are looking for the right new home to take on this lovely girl. Tilly is a full BC, although not registered, with a glossy, medium coat, and a great nature. She is well-behaved and generally obedient. She doesn't always immediately want to play with other dogs, but she will after a little while. She is housetrained, happy indoors or out, and she doesn't chew. Tilly loves people, and attention and she loves to play fetch! If you are looking for a relatively 'easy' BC who is past puppyhood, then Tilly might be the right dog for your family. For more info please contact Mark on 0401946482


Zeus --- (posted 19/1/2020) ---

Zeus is a beautiful black and white male pup looking for a home ... there are special circumstances with dental issues that will require a commitment by the new home to resolve. Zeus is an outgoing friendly pup who has been well socialised and loved. He has the potential to be a loving, happy family member, with the ongoing management and training that every BC needs. If you want to take on the challenge of a new special needs pup, then you need more information. Please talk to Caroline on 0421118412.

For general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


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