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  • Many BCs in Dog Pounds Assorted BCs (Australia-wide)

  • CJ 8.5 yo black and white classical male BC (Birkdale, QLD)

  • Mature BCs older purebred male and female BCs (Bathurst NSW)

  • Jacky 14 month old black and white female BC (Bundaberg, Qld)

  • Harry and Bronson 7 and 8 yo black and white male BC cross and friend (Dungog NSW)


photo currently unavailableMany BCs in Dog Pounds --- (updated regularly) ---

Assorted BCs

There is now a website specifically to list working dogs in pounds. If you would consider adopting a BC direct from a pound, then please have a look. Many dogs die each week in pounds due to the lack of sufficient good homes. Click here to go directly to the section for Border Collies.


CJ --- (posted 5/11/2017) ---

CJ is a sweet soul looking for a new home due to no fault of his own. He is a beloved family pet who currently lives with a 2 1/2 human boy with whom there have been no issues. (Like any BC he is exciteable and strong, and so he is not recommended as a playmate for toddlers.) He is good with humans and other dogs, tho he will bark at a stranger visiting the house. CJ likes to be with his people, walking, chilling in front of the TV - whatever you want to do. CJ does have skin issues in reaction to some brands of dog food, and this needs to be managed with his diet. For more info on CJ please contact Jessie at jessieannelee@hotmail.com


Mature BCs --- (posted 5/1/2018) ---

There is a ready-made BC family looking for a new home or homes in Bathurst. Due to changed circumstances new homes are being sought. They can be separated, or not. The primary concern is that they are loved in their new places. There are two females, Panda and Bonny and one male Zorro. Panda is the youngest, being 8 yo, and she would be best in a home with no new dogs, and definitely no cats or pocket pets. All three are long coated, working dogs, but pet homes are sought. If you would like the company of a BC (or two) that is past its wilder youthful years, then this might be the answer for you. For more info on these lovely dogs please contact Julie on 0421 203 619.


Jacky --- (posted 21/3/2018) ---

Jacky is a lovely and very smart young BC girl who's family have regretfully decided they need to find her a more suitable home. Jacky is very intelligent, and tho she spends quite a bit of time outside she is housetrained, and very trainable. Jacky loves people, and is good with chickens and ducks. Jacky does have a very strong herding instinct, and has become obsessed with herding horses. Since her own family, and the neighbours, have horses Jacky is having to be confined to prevent this behaviour, and a home with no horses is sought. Jacky is a BC who will need things to do, either human company and/or activity to occupy her mentally and physically. She won't thrive in a backyard. Jacky has a long coat, and has been desexed. For more info on Jacky please contact Gail on 0490 257 928


Harry and Bronson --- (posted 20/1/2018) ---

Due to a sad change in circumstances this pair of boys are urgently seeking a new home. They can be separated if necessary. Harry is a BC lab cross with a BC markings and fuller coat, and one blue eye. He is a friendly, loving boy and a snuggler. Bronson is a kelpie lab cross, yellow with a short coat, and the fine bones and long legs of a kelpie. He loves to swim. He is also a sweetie, who loves people and will sit in your lap if you let him. Both boys are desexed. If you would like more info about Harry and Bronson please contact Naomee on atchinastud@yahoo.com

For general information on BC rescue email  bcra@bcra.org.au 


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