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  • Darby 6 year old, wheaten and white male BC (Gold Coast)

  • Stella 5 year old, black and white female BC Kelpie cross (Central Coast, NSW)

  • Lulu 3 year old, tricolour, short coat female BC X kelpie (Kingston, Vic)

  • Bex 3 year old, full coat, black and white male BC (Mornington Peninsular, Vic)

  • Sam 3 year old, classic, black and white female BC (Jerilderie, NSW)


Darby --- (posted 20/7/2019) ---

Darby is a 6 year old, desexed wheaten border collie. He wants to be a lap dog, and is extremely cuddly, loyal and loving. He is currently living with two young children, and he obeys them and loves to have them climb all over him and cuddle him. He also lives with two cats and an older kelpie. He will chase the cats out of the yard and has started to get rough with the kelpie as she has aged; we think this is due to jealousy. She has been hurt by him, and this is why we are sadly looking at rehoming him. He would make an awful working dog, and would be suited to a home that has no other pets, and with a family that would cuddle him and play with him daily. He loves to go for walks and runs. We love him dearly but he is not getting the love and attention he needs and deserves, and we want him to have a happy life, rather than just a life. He is not good with other dogs or cats, and will need a strong owner that can manage him when he is out for walks. He will bark and pull at other dogs he sees out. He is built like a tank. His attitude to other dogs and to cats is his only fault, because he really has a huge heart full of love for his people. If you would be interested in Darby, I can be contacted on 0414 414 637. We are not in a rush to rehome him; we want him to go to the right family. We are located on the Gold Coast. Emily.


Stella --- (posted 27/9/2019) ---

Stella is a lovely but anxious BC kelpie cross. She is a typical anxious girl, and worries about people and things that she doesn't know. She is particular worried by small people, and so a family with no small children, who are prepared to manage an anxious girl is sought. Stella loves walks, and activity, and of course, the people she knows. A new home, or a foster home is sought. For more information please contact Louisa at louisa.horne@outlook.com


Lulu --- (posted 9/11/2019) ---

Lulu is a loyal, obedient girl, initially timid on first meeting, and once warmed up is very friendly towards people & has had heaps of happy interaction with kids. She has never displayed any aggression toward people. She has done a lot of car travelling and she is the perfect passenger on long trips. She is very attentive to her immediate carer and looks for any reaction, instruction etc... Her great loves are being with someone, swimming, the beach or park, ball & stick chasing. She will jump onto a stand up paddle board and go for rides. Kayaking is fun too. She will run with a bike on a lead, Lulu's down side is that she can be aggressive toward some dogs, some times, mainly smaller than her, particularly if they come up to her and sniff around. She doesn't look for trouble and tends to keep to her self, but her current home on a busy beach in Edithvale has too many dogs to permit reasonable management of her reaction to some other dogs. A home that will make her part of the family, and hopefully let her continue her loved aquatic sports, whilst being able to manage her interactions with other dogs is sought. With some careful positive training, Lulu may become less concerned about other dogs, but it cannot be assumed that this will be easily achieved. Lulu is desexed and in good health. For more info on Lulu please contact Tom on 0411 139 202


Bex --- (posted 9/11/2019) ---

Bex is a stunning boy with a half black and half white face. He is very loyal and very loving! He loves his food and is very friendly with other dogs! Bex is very well trained on the lead and readily comes when you call him. His favourite game is fetch and he loves to play with his toys. He also loves basketball and soccer and can fetch the ball very well!! Bex also loves long walks on the beach and the park. Bex has not had a lot of training, and gets overly excited when playing. He will nip. Children running and making noise really wind him up, and he has no boundaries. An experienced BC home is sought where he will be managed and trained, and learn what is appropriate behaviour for that home. Bex also has quite a strong herding instinct, and insists on rounding up the household cats. He has been desexed is microchiped and in excellent health. For more info on Bex please contact Andrea on 0417 144 380


Sam --- (posted 12/11/2019) ---

Sam is a beautiful, intelligent and active girl who is not suited to the farm life that she currently has, and is looking for a family home where she will be trained and loved, and get the attention she craves. Sam is a somewhat anxious girl, and so a family with experience with BCs, who will give her positive encouragement and develop her self-confidence is sought. Sam has basic training and will sit on request. For more info on Sam please contact Annabel on 0428 539 167,

For general information on BC rescue email  bcra@bcra.org.au 


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