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  • Henry 2 yo black and white classic short coat male BC (Northern Beaches, Sydney)

  • Oreo 2 year old black and white short-coat male BC (Brisbane, QLD)

  • Panda 5-6 year old black and white male BC (Gold Coast, QLD)

  • Badger 21 month old black and white male BC (Toowoomba, Qld)

  • Rusty 3.5 year old purebred chocolate and white male BC (Nr Yarrawonga, Vic)

  • Pumbaa 5 year old purebred chocolate and white male BC (Shepparton, Vic)


Henry --- (posted 13/5/2020) ---

Henry (full name Henry-Alexander) is a handsome boy who can be calm, spending time in the sun relaxing the day away, or snoozing the evening on his bed in the living room or snuggling up for a bum rub. He loves kids and is very good around children, and he loves visitors. He also loves greeting you effusively first thing in the morning! However, Henry is also a very anxious dog + ADHD, and without his medications delivered at exactly the right timings, he's no longer able to chillax and live the good life, and instead needing to busy himself with barking at a wall, barking at you, barking at the neighbours, or the usual bored behaviours of digging and chewing - basically he just can't sit still. Henry has some basic training, but his anxiety in early life has impacted on his learning, and more work is needed. His family continue to work on relaxation strategies with him, practising stay/look as recommended by the behaviourist, telling him when he's a good boy, rewarding relaxing behaviour etc. They are not able to commit to his ongoping development, and so they are looking for a family that can. This will allow Henry to develop to his capacity. Henry is currently occassionally reactive to random dogs when out walking. This can be improved, but it will also take time. (Henry really hates skateboards!) Henry-Alexander's dream home would probably be somewhere quiet, with a loving owner who is mostly home and able to give him the attention (and regular medication) he needs to be a good boy. For more info please contact jacksonrogers@hotmail.com


Oreo --- (posted 11/7/2020) ---

Oreo is a very affectionate and well-trained BC boy with a white face and two stunning blue eyes. He currently lives with a family with children, and he has always been good with them. He is a bit on the timid side, and he is less happy with the doggy companions with whom he is living. His anxious behaviours with another BC have led this family to seek a new home for him where he will be the only dog, and where he can continue to have his confidence developed with positive reinforcement. Oreo will sit, come and wait to eat as requested. His timidity does suggest that a home experienced with a similar temperament dog would be to his advantage. For more info on Oreo please contact Nerida at nedronbrink@gmail.com


Panda --- (posted 20/10/2020) ---

Panda is a stunning classic boy who was rescued by his current home. They are now looking for the right permanent home for this beautiful boy. He is very friendly, well trained (lead, crate, house, etc), loves to retrieve, and he has a surprisingly easy coat, given its lenght and fullness. Panda is living with two other working dogs, and he loves them, and goes along with whatever they want to do. He isn't perfect, like any dog. He is storm phobic, which needs to be managed, and he was not well managed or trained as a pup, so he gets very exicted out on lead, wants to chase wildlife, and he also has separation anxiety if left alone outside. He is great at the dog park. Only an exceptional home will do for this boy. He is not a BC to be put into the backyard and walked with once a day. If you are looking for an adult BC who just wants to be part of a permanent and loving home then Panda may be right for you. For more info on Panda please contact Eddy on 0432661646


Badger --- (posted 25/10/2020) ---

Badger is a much-loved family pet who needs an experienced working breed home which can manage and develop him. Badger does not always behave appropriately with his people, and will resource guard and exhibit wilful and aggressive behaviours if he isn't getting what he wants. This seems to be a particular issue with children in the household. Although he lives happily with a cat, he has a strong prey drive and other cats, or rabbits will spark this. Badger is not easy to walk - he is strong and he pulls on lead. However, once at the dog park he happily interacts with other dogs. Ideally Badger will find a home with an experience dog owner, with no children in the household, where a set of rules can be established and stuck to. For more info on this boy, please contact Christine at rainforest29@gmail.com


Rusty --- (posted 1/11/2020) ---

Rusty is a lovely looking and much-loved family pet. He has anxiety issues which make him uncomfortable and agressive around some family members, so although he has never bitten anyone, he is clearly unhappy. This anxiety also manifests as overstimulation and a need to chase and bark when travelling, and a variable attitude to other dogs. Rusty has been well-cared for, and generally sleeps indoors. He is desexed, vaccinated, chipped etc. He is seeking an experienced BC home that will work with him to reduce his anxiety, and make him more comfortable in new situations and with people. For more info on Rusty please contact Michael on 0408 325 767


Pumbaa --- (posted 12/11/2020) ---

Pumbaa is a healthy 5-year-old pure bred border collie from Ross Creek, Victoria. He is seeking an experienced home that can manage his issues. He is a beautiful chocolate, rough/medium coat border collie. Pumbaa is desexed, micro chipped and up to date with his vaccinations. He is a much-loved family pet with two young boys who were 3 and 5 years old when Pumbaa joined the family. Pumbaa has been well socialised through ‘puppy school’ and regular attendance to obedience training. He responds well walking on a long lead in the bush, and a short lead in the suburbs, although he can get distracted when off lead. Pumbaa loves fetch, swimming and displays a strong tracking instinct when bush walking off lead. Unfortunately, when Pumbaa was 1yo, he suffered a scary incident of animal cruelty when he escaped into a neighbour’s paddock and was forcibly grabbed around the collar, beaten and subsequently bit the hand of the perpetrator. Since then there have been instances where, when frightened, he will bite the hand reaching for him. This fear of handling by strangers has also affected his attitude to the vets. The family has sought Vet advice and has come to the tough decision that Pumbaa is not suitable as a family pet in a home with children. (Noting that he has not bitten a child) Pumbaa does not display aggressive behaviour towards other dogs, nor members of the family. Vet advice is that with extra work and strategies from an animal behaviourist, it will be possible to desensitise Pumbaa from feeling scared when strangers grab him by the collar. Pumbaa will thrive in a rural environment in a home with an experienced dog handler and no small children. For more information on Pumbaa please call Chris on: 0406 485 505 or email: segrave@fastmail.fm

For general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


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