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  • Amigo 20 months old chocolate and white male BC (Perth, Western Australia)

  • Henry 2 yo black and white classic short coat male BC (Northern Beaches, Sydney)

  • Summer 8 month old tricolour short-coat female BC cross (Sydney, NSW)

  • Poppy 13 months old, special needs, red merle female BC (Willunga, SA)

  • Jess 7 year old, classic black and white female BC (Coffs Harbour, NSW)


Amigo --- (posted 26/2/2020) ---

Amigo is a beautiful but difficult boy who needs an experienced adult home with a commitment to his ongoing management. Amigo is an anxious and reactive boy with a strong herding instinct, serious resource guarding issues and very poor social skills with other dogs. A home with no children and experienced adult owners is needed. On the positive side, he is a super smart boy who can cope with stacked commands. He learns very fast. He loves his rope toy and his ball, and he loves his people. If you are looking for a young BC with lots of potential, but also are prepared to manage his issues, then please contact Helen on 0403 024 504


Henry --- (posted 13/5/2020) ---

Henry (full name Henry-Alexander) is a handsome boy who can be calm, spending time in the sun relaxing the day away, or snoozing the evening on his bed in the living room or snuggling up for a bum rub. He loves kids and is very good around children, and he loves visitors. He also loves greeting you effusively first thing in the morning! However, Henry is also a very anxious dog + ADHD, and without his medications delivered at exactly the right timings, he's no longer able to chillax and live the good life, and instead needing to busy himself with barking at a wall, barking at you, barking at the neighbours, or the usual bored behaviours of digging and chewing - basically he just can't sit still. Henry has some basic training, but his anxiety in early life has impacted on his learning, and more work is needed. His family continue to work on relaxation strategies with him, practising stay/look as recommended by the behaviourist, telling him when he's a good boy, rewarding relaxing behaviour etc. They are not able to commit to his ongoping development, and so they are looking for a family that can. This will allow Henry to develop to his capacity. Henry is currently occassionally reactive to random dogs when out walking. This can be improved, but it will also take time. (Henry really hates skateboards!) Henry-Alexander's dream home would probably be somewhere quiet, with a loving owner who is mostly home and able to give him the attention (and regular medication) he needs to be a good boy. For more info please contact jacksonrogers@hotmail.com


Summer --- (posted 9/7/2020) ---

Summer is an athletic and intelligent girl who has grown a bit bigger than expected and who is much too full on for her 14 yo canine companion at home. An active home which can continue her training and development is sought. A suburban yard, where she will spend time alone in the yard is not going to provide sufficient stimulation for her. Ideally a home with a bit of space for her to run is sought. Summer has a delightful mismarked face, half white and half tricolour. Her makeup includes Jack Russell and Kelpie. Summer sits, downs, sides, waits to be released to food, sits and waits at gates, does not rush through doors - she has learned a lot. She is also full of beans and needs activity or possibly another young dog to play with. She would be fantastic at agility. She is probably too much for children. Be warned, she is currently a chewer and you have to keep Kong’s, hard toys and bullie sticks or other chews available for her.. no soft toys... as she eats the insides. She loves to play tug. For more info on Summer please contact Lyn at 0416 236 001. Please text some info on your experience with an active BC as an initial contact.


Poppy --- (posted 27/7/2020) ---

Poppy has an awkward start to life, being a puppy in a shelter, after her mum was surrendered to the shelter pregnant. She was adopted as a pup by a family who have done everything that they can possibly do for her. However, they have a multi-dog household, and it has become clear that Poppy must have a home where she is the only dog. In spite of vet behaviourist assistance and appropriate medication and management, Poppy still resource guards and attacks her canine family members. So an experienced home where she is the only dog is sought. In every other regard Poppy is a gem. Ball focussed, trained and trainable, snuggly and attentive to people. She is fully up to date with vet work, and will require ongoing behavourist support, and medication. If you think you might be the right home, and you are certain that one dog in the household is enough, then perhaps Poppy is the girl for you. For more info, please contact Bec on 0499 552 258 or email beckp@internode.on.net


Jess --- (posted 1/8/2020) ---

Jess is a gorgeous and affectionate girl who loves people. Unfortunately, she has had a couple of adverse experiences with dogs she didn't know, and this, combined with her own anxiety, has resulted in her being reactive and unhappy in the presence of any strange dogs. In addition, her family have relocated from rural to town, so her exposure to other strange dogs has increased. Jess has also developed a barking habit, frustrated at being unable to see what is going on through the fences of her yard. A new home is sought for Jess where she can have a quieter life, without the stress of many strange dogs around. jess is desexed, up to date with her vet work, and in good health. For more info on Jess please contact Rob at robsharwood@yahoo.com.au and Rob will get back to you.

For general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


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