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  • Harry and Ginny Two mid-aged male and female BCs (Brisbane, Qld)

  • Lip 6 months old, deaf, special needs male BC (Brisbane, Qld)

  • Raikou 5 year old classic red and white male BC (Canberra, ACT)

  • Emmett 6 year old classic red and white male BC (Mackay, Qld)

  • Bonnie 18 months old blue merle female BC (Eastern Melbourne, Vic)


Harry and Ginny --- (posted 6/2/2021) ---

These two BCs have a pretty good life on a property, but their owner thinks that they would do better with someone who was able to give them more individual attention. Harry is a big sook who just loves people. He is scared of and agressive towards smaller dogs, including puppies. This may be able to be worked on, but a home with other smaller dogs is not likely to work. Another anxiety is around anything out of place, possibly a canine equivalent of OCD? (BCRA's unsupported description). If something is left out of place in the house Harry will pee on it - where ever it is. This issue needs management and probably work with a behaviourist. Harry is not responsive to training and also cannot be let near chickens. Ginny is very, very smart, will catch a ball with her paws if she can. Her issue is constantly wanting attention. This is probably an anxious behaviour. If you are not giving her attention she will attempt to gain it, and her pawing, clawing, jumping and whinging need management too. Her affection extends to mouth licks if she can catch you unawares. Ginny also licks the furniture, which is also likely to be linked to anxiety. She will shadow you unless she is prevented from doing so. Both these dogs love the cats they know. An experienced BC home is sought for these two. For more info on them please contact Chris at christine@tenue.com.au


Lip --- (posted 21/4/2021) ---

Lip is a handsome young man who is truly one of a kind. Originally destined to be a working dog, his life changed direction when it was realised he was deaf. He has a beautiful white head, spotty nose and two different coloured eyes. Its love at first sight for everyone who meets him. He’s very smart, and has mastered hand signals for sit, lie down, stay and come. With patience (and treats!) he will be able to learn much more! Lip is looking for a calm life with steady routine, as he displays some signs of autistic behaviour. He wants a best friend and the more time you spend with this boy, the more you learn to pick up on how he’s feeling. Some days, a walk might not be on the cards if he’s feeling too stressed, as the over stimulation can do more harm than good. He also has quite a voice on him, and can bark when left alone, so neighbours in close proximity won’t suit nor will a busy life. He LOVES car rides, they’re a nice safe space for him and he’s content to lie on a passengers lap and snooze the trip away. He loves puddles, cuddles, food and play time, he would play all day if he could! He’s currently trying some different medications to ease his anxiety and let him switch off. He’s not yet desexed as it’s recommended for him to wait until he’s one year old, but he’s microchipped and up to date with all vaccinations, flea and heart worm. He shows early signs of hip dysplasia, and is currently on mild pain relief. Please contact Emma on 0450 531 562 or emmamaidens@gmail.com


Raikou --- (posted 11/5/2021) ---

Raikou (kou) is 5 years old and he was rescued when he was 9 months old. We were the first humans he had met (other than the man that owned him) and our older dog (a mastiff) was the first dog he had ever met. Because he had no interaction with people, dogs or the world in such a vital time as a puppy it has lead to some issues. He has severe anxiety and OCD. (some meds have been trialled, but help from a vet behaviourist seems needed) He is great with other dogs (currently lives with two others) and is great with kids - he has always been around children and seems very gentle with them. Kou's primary issue is separation anxiety when left alone. This has lead to the decision to rehome him, as we are simply not able to be home as much as he needs us. He has obsessively started chasing shadows & running into fences/doors when we aren’t home (neighbours have let us know). He has completed four levels of dog training and is classified as a trained dog in Australia. He is excellent off lead and has great recall, loves fetch and would play for HOURS if he could, loves swimming & water. He is housetrained and slept inside most of his life. He is scared of loud noises ie. trucks/busses going by on walls & thunder which causes him to cower. He is very submissive and scared of particular men in hoods/hat or that are very tall. Only a home ideally set-up to manage Kou's issues will do. For more info on Raikou please contact Zach on 0413476067 or email Zachary.treacy@hotmail.com


Emmett --- (posted 14/6/2021) ---

Emmett is an attractive classic boy in need of an experienced BC home. His previous life has seen him poorly socialised with people, especially children. A home with no children, and a commitment to manage Emmett and develop his social skills is essential. At present he considers himself a guard dog of his premises, and although he can be introduced to new people, his current first reflex will be to aggressively see people off. Emmett has also not been socialised with other dogs. In a comfortable environment he is a very playful dog and in the office he plays with a basketball. He probably has an underlying good nature but would have to be retrained with new owners to be less fearful and protective. His last visit to the vet was in January 2021. Emmett is chipped and is registered with the local Mackay Regional Council. For more info on Emmett please contact Steve on 0403189458


Bonnie --- (posted 22/7/2021) ---

Bonnie is a stunning 1.5yo female Blue Merle BC, who we are unfortunately having to rehome due to her ongoing anxiety issues. Since adopting her and relocating her to our home in the Melbourne suburbs, she has found it very difficult to settle and is clearly stressed by traffic and cyclists when we go for walks. For this reason, we are looking to rehome her to a farm property/acreage, where she can run around to her heart’s content. She has not been socialised very well, so introducing her to other dogs will take lots of time and patience. Bonnie is very affectionate, loves belly rubs and going for swims. She will run after a ball or frisbee, but hasn’t quite got the hang of bringing it back. She is microchipped, desexed, and she has just had her vaccine update. Currently she takes medication for anxiety, but did not have this prior to us taking her in as a rescue. Please only enquire if you are experienced with BCs, have a large space for her, and are willing to dedicate lots of time and energy to working through her anxiety issues. For more information on Bonnie, please contact Jo: tonerjohanna@gmail.com

For general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


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