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  • Chips 15 months old blue merle male BC (Inner west Sydney, NSW)

  • 2 pups 5 week old white and wheaten special needs BCs (Catherine Field, NSW)

  • Zelda and Link Two 5 year old female and male BCs (Tweed Heads, NSW)

  • Reggie 5 year old lilac and white male BC (Phillip Island, Victoria)

  • Amigo 20 months old chocolate and white male BC (Perth, Western Australia)

  • Henry 2 yo black and white classic short coat male BC (Northern Beaches, Sydney)

  • Henley 2 yo black and white classic full coat male BC (Pakenham, Vic)

  • Tippi 11 yo red and white classic female BC (Bathurst, NSW)

  • Rex 2 yo black and white classic purebred male BC (Narooma, NSW)

  • Summer 8 month old tricolour short-coat female BC cross (Sydney, NSW)

  • Bree 4 yo black and white classic female BC (Geelong, Vic)


Chips --- (posted 11/1/2020) ---

Chips is a gorgeous and affectionate boy who is a special needs BC. Only a home that is experienced with anxious dogs, and which can demonstrate that they have an appropriate strategy for his ongoing management will be considered. Babies and children can't be included in the mix. Chips missed his puppy socialisation window, and extensive efforts to remedy this have had no success. Chips is scared of anything new, including the outside world, children, other dogs, - the only fear he doesn't have is of noise. So Chips is hoping for a life at home, where he is not expected to go for walks to the park, or runs on the beach, but instead have games of fetch in the backyard with people he loves. Chips is on behavioural medication and this will need to be continued, along with careful management of his interaction with the world. If you think that Chips would fit into your household please contact Alexis at alexisu54@gmail.com for more info.


2 pups --- (posted 3/2/2020) ---

If you are an experienced BC home with time and empathy for a special needs puppy, there are two who will be looking for a home in 3 weeks, when they reach 8 weeks old. These two pups are blind, due to a congential defect which has prevented development of their eyes. They will never be able to see, and a decision has been made to seek a home that is able and prepared to give them the extra care, life-long, that they will need. They will still grow into active, mischievious, activity loving dogs, and will need to be helped to learn how to navigate the world, and given extra training and management as well. If you think you are up for this challenge, please contact Dom on 0417 247 064. Note that they are not available until they are 8 weeks of age. They are, as yet, unnamed.


Zelda and Link --- (posted 10/2/2020) ---

This pair's family circumstances have changed and they need to find a new home. Both are very loving and affectionate with people. (Link avoids children). Neither of them are social with other dogs they do not know. They have a moderate level of training, and both are excited when walking and pull on the lead. Zelda is very energetic and loves frisbee and water play, loves kids and snuggles, doesn't like storms, fireworks or getting her feet touched. Link was a rescue as a puppy and had a rough start in life, from this he has lost several teeth and has some issues with touching him around certain areas on his body. He really wants to be loved. A home where they can be kept together is sought. If you are afer a ready-made BC family then please contact Mitch for more info at mitch1788@hotmail.com


Reggie --- (posted 25/2/2020) ---

Reggie is a charming boy who lives happily with a family with small children. Unfortunately, the increase in time needing to be spent with the children has reduced the time that is spent with Reggie, and he barks a lot at any distractions. Reggie needs a home with a family who will give him ongoing management and training. He has only very basic training at the moment, he doesn't always come when called and he isn't housetrained, so there is a bit of work to be done. He isn't phased by the family cat, and he isn't concerned about storms. Reggie has a sun-affected nose, which will need ongoing treatment. If you would like a boy who is full of energy, looking for friends and things to do, then Reggie might be right for you. For more info please contact Stacey at sfullarton87@gmail.com


Amigo --- (posted 26/2/2020) ---

Amigo is a beautiful but difficult boy who needs an experienced adult home with a commitment to his ongoing management. Amigo is an anxious and reactive boy with a strong herding instinct, serious resource guarding issues and very poor social skills with other dogs. A home with no children and experienced adult owners is needed. On the positive side, he is a super smart boy who can cope with stacked commands. He learns very fast. He loves his rope toy and his ball, and he loves his people. If you are looking for a young BC with lots of potential, but also are prepared to manage his issues, then please contact Helen on 0403 024 504


Henry --- (posted 13/5/2020) ---

Henry (full name Henry-Alexander) is a handsome boy who can be calm, spending time in the sun relaxing the day away, or snoozing the evening on his bed in the living room or snuggling up for a bum rub. He loves kids and is very good around children, and he loves visitors. He also loves greeting you effusively first thing in the morning! However, Henry is also a very anxious dog + ADHD, and without his medications delivered at exactly the right timings, he's no longer able to chillax and live the good life, and instead needing to busy himself with barking at a wall, barking at you, barking at the neighbours, or the usual bored behaviours of digging and chewing - basically he just can't sit still. Henry has some basic training, but his anxiety in early life has impacted on his learning, and more work is needed. His family continue to work on relaxation strategies with him, practising stay/look as recommended by the behaviourist, telling him when he's a good boy, rewarding relaxing behaviour etc. They are not able to commit to his ongoping development, and so they are looking for a family that can. This will allow Henry to develop to his capacity. Henry is currently occassionally reactive to random dogs when out walking. This can be improved, but it will also take time. (Henry really hates skateboards!) Henry-Alexander's dream home would probably be somewhere quiet, with a loving owner who is mostly home and able to give him the attention (and regular medication) he needs to be a good boy. For more info please contact jacksonrogers@hotmail.com


Henley --- (posted 1/7/2020) ---

Henley is a stunning boy. He is 2 years old in July, black and white long haired BC. Henly has an issue with resource guarding, specificially his food. He will growl if you get down to his level and fiddle with his food. He hasn’t ever snapped but it is clearly an issue that needs management to help him relax and be less anxious. Henley has other issues are also related to his anxiety - He takes a while to warm to new people and exuberant other dogs worrying him. An experienced home that could assist with his development is sought. Henley loves being walked but tends to pull a lot especially if he sees another dog or someone running. He’s great at sitting, stay, drop, shake, getting on his bed (and staying majority of the time) and he knows a command to go through legs front and back and spinning. Henley's favorite activities are chasing his soccer ball around and also playing tug of war with ropes or other toys. He loves the beach and water. For more info please contact Matt on 0401767234.


Tippi --- (posted 1/7/2020) ---

Tippi was a rescue dog who has lived with her current family for 7 years. She is a lovely girl, but anxious. A home without children or other dogs, and in a quiet neighbourhood (gunshots are an issue). Tippi has lovely manners around food, and on her lead. She is very good for recall. She is an outdoor girl but is enjoying spending more time inside, occasionally sleeping inside (thunder storms and shooting by the neighbours). She is house trained. Tippi is very good while on lead but does not always get along with other dogs while off lead. Tippi is very sensitive about being touched on her rear end. She has never liked to be groomed. She does snap when her hind area is brushed, this is her only known trigger for aggressive behaviour. For more info on Tippi please contact Donna on 0418233150 .


Rex --- (posted 1/7/2020) ---

Rex is a purebred border collie (with pedigree papers); black and white. He is also a somewhat anxious dog, lacking confidence, which causes him to snap at people he doesn't know, to make them stay away. An experienced BC home which can work with him to develop his confidence and reduce his anxiety is sought. Rex has a thick double coat which has been clipped twice in summer and his coat grows back very nicely. Is not overweight. His birthday is 23 October 2018 He loves to run, swim, play tug-o-war with his rope and ball toy, plays hide and seek on the beach. Rex has attended obedience training since a pup and sits, lies down, stays, shakes hands, comes when called and heels MOST OF THE TIME ;). Rex is very attached to his current owner and displays protective behaviour, mainly when at home. When he’s out and about he generally likes to meet people and other dogs. He has done a bit of rally-o and agility and loved both. Rex is house trained and sleeps outside under cover. Rex currently eats a natural raw diet of meat, veg, fish, yoghurt etc but also eats (and loves) kibble. Rex is fully immunised and is on tick and flea preventive treatment (Nexguard) and wormed. For more info on Rex please contact Jane on 0457 551 915


Summer --- (posted 9/7/2020) ---

Summer is an athletic and intelligent girl who has grown a bit bigger than expected and who is much too full on for her 14 yo canine companion at home. An active home which can continue her training and development is sought. Summer has a delightful mismarked face, half white and half tricolour. Her makeup includes Jack Russell and Kelpie. Summer sits, downs, sides, waits to be released to food, sits and waits at gates, does not rush through doors - she has learned a lot. She is also full of beans and needs activity or possibly another young dog to play with. She would be fantastic at agility. She is probably too much for children. Be warned, she is currently a chewer and you have to keep Kong’s, hard toys and bullie sticks or other chews available for her.. no soft toys... as she eats the insides. She loves to play tug. For more info on Summer please contact Lyn at 0416 236 001. Please text some info on your experience with an active BC as an initial contact.


Bree --- (posted 9/7/2020) ---

Bree is a beautiful classic BC girl. She is looking for a new home which has time to put into her training and management. She is housetrained and loves to be inside with your, but loves going for walks and would be better suited to someone with a large backyard and time to walk and give her exercise. Bree has had some puppy training but would benefit from some further training. She has a lovely temperament, responds well to positive reinforcement Would be best as a single pet, hasn’t had a lot of exposure to other dogs, that said she does get along with much smaller dogs Bree has been de-sexed and very recently vaccinated. Contact details: Nathan Notley or Emily Notley 0428911798 / 0413359143

For general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


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