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  • Many BCs in Dog Pounds Assorted BCs (Australia-wide)

  • Nala 3 1/2 yo female black and white BC cross Bull Terrier (Southern Wollongong)

  • Molly 2.5 year old female petite black and white BC cross (Western Sydney)

  • Louie 7 year old mostly black female BC lab cross (Inner West Sydney)

  • Chewie and Mae Two nearly 4 year old full coated, male and female BCs (ACT)

  • Mieko Almost 4 year old black and white female BC (Western Sydney)

  • Maisy 2 year old, short coat, black and white female BC (Wollongong)

  • Leo and Max Two 1 year old full coated male BCs (Blaxland NSW)

  • Cody 9 year old wheaten and white full coated female BC (Baulkam Hills)


photo currently unavailableMany BCs in Dog Pounds --- (updated regularly) ---

Assorted BCs

There is now a website specifically to list working dogs in pounds. If you would consider adopting a BC direct from a pound, then please have a look. Many dogs die each week in pounds due to the lack of sufficient good homes. Click here to go directly to the section for Border Collies.


Nala --- (posted 7/3/2017) ---

Nala is simply a sweetie, who loves all the usual BC pastimes, including going to the beach, walks, tug and fetch. She also likes cats, and generally other dogs, tho a little dog barking at her makes her react. Nala loves interacting with her people. She is used to being an outdoor dog, but would love to be allowed to stay indoors with her family. Nala's youth and reactivity make her best suited to a family with older children. For more info on Nala place contact Terese at tacaroid@gmail.com or phone 0415 669 953


Molly --- (posted 13/4/2017) ---

Molly is a sweet, pretty medium-length coated girl who loves people, including children and also loves other dogs. She is on the smaller side of a typical border collie. Molly is a very high energy girl, she loves to play fetch. She needs a home which will give her lots of mental and physical exercise. She will also need some management, to redirect her energies from undesireable behaviours including barking and chewing. For more info about Molly please contact Kathryn on 0413098753


Louie --- (posted 27/4/2017) ---

Louie is a loving 7 yo black BC cross lab. She has a white blaze on her chest, and is lighter boned than your average lab, and she has a smooth coat. She's a very attractive girl. Louie loves company, has been easy to train as she just wants to be obedient, and to be with you. She loves being patted and scritched. Her favourite games are swimming and fetching the ball. Louie's family has expanded with the addition of small children, and Louie isn't comfortable around them, and this is causing her anxiety. A home is sought for Louie where she will be with experienced owners who understand that some dogs prefer adult company. Her anxiety with children can probably be improved, but it would need to be a gradual process, and this can't be managed in her current home. For more info on Louie please contact Penny on 0402 736 567.


Chewie and Mae --- (posted 30/5/2017) ---

Major changes in family cirumstances have resulted in Chewie and Mae needing to find a new home. They are a happy pair of littermates who love all people and activity, and yet are able to settle as indoor layabouts, chilling out with the family too. They are in excellent health. They are highly obedient, although they've not been formally trained. The pair are not well socilaised with other dogs. However, they can become very friendly with other dogs when they get to know them, and their current best chums are a pair of groodles. Some positive re-inforcement when meeting new dogs will probably improve their enthusiasm for meeting more different dogs. Both are desexed. For more info on the pair please contact Juliette: julietteguthrie@hotmail.com or phone 0434 039 304


Mieko --- (posted 14/6/2017) ---

Mieko is a beautiful but very soft female BC who needs a home that has experience with BC's, especially timid ones. Mieko is super intelligent, and knows all her toys by name and colour, and can find your phone for you, if you've forgotten where you put it. Mieko's intelligence comes with anxiety and over-thinking, which makes her nervous about anything that she doesn't know (sounds or objects). She was frightened by a squealing toddler when she was a pup, and has never gotten over that, so she is scared of all little people. Mieko's anxiety over strange things includes other dogs. Meiko needs an experienced BC-owning home, where she will be able to be an indoor dog, and where her confidence with all things strange can slowly be positively developed. Mieko is desexed with one blue eye and one brown eye. For more information on Mieko please contact Belinda on 0404 248 260


Maisy --- (posted 19/6/2017) ---

Maisy's family are looking for the very best home for her. She is a sweet short coated girl who is good with people, other dogs, cats, horses and chickens (free range). Maisy is currently living on a property with two other BCs. They spend all day playing together - in fact they are not really interested in interacting with their family, they are so caught up in their pack. Maisy is not afraid of thunder or loud noises. She is housetrained, although she is used to sleeping in the garage. A family with a bit of space, and a plan to do active things with their dogs will be Maisy's ideal new home. For more info on Maisy please contact Nicole at nicolem737@gmail.com


Leo and Max --- (posted 25/6/2017) ---

Leo (caramel and white) and Max (black and white) are a pair of littermates who have never been separated, so the preference is to find them a home together. Their current family have realised that taking on two young BCs was more than they expected, and with very mixed feelings they are looking for a home that will have more time to spend with, and manage, these two boys. Both of them know basic commands and will sit, or wait to eat. They are very friendly, and exuberant in their greetings. They love activity, and walks and playing tug. Neither of them is very fussed with a ball. They both love a snuggle. Leo and Max will need to be desexed as a condition of their rehoming. Their vaccinations are current. For more info on these lovely boys please contact Ricky on 0414 629 364


Cody --- (posted 20/7/2017) ---

Cody is a gorgeous girl (wheaten and white) who will be 9 in September. Cody has been in the same home since she was born. Unfortunately she is scared of little children, and her home now contains a couple of them. This causes Cody daily stress, and a home where she can be loved, and be an indoor dog again is sought. She is very well trained. Sits, waits, fetches balls, and is good with her food. She will wait to eat, and she loves praise. She is an absolutely wonderful dog. Just not around kids... Cody is used to being with other dogs. With adults, Cody can be nervous around strangers. She accepts unknown people fine if they let her interact with them in her own time. Cody was house-trained, before the children came along. She was expected to stay on her bed when in the house, and she was perfect at this. Her obedience and ability to be trained is high. If you can provide a home without small children, and you would like a mature BC where what you see is exactly what you get, Cody is a charming girl looking for adults to love. For more information please contact Kate at kate_shelley7@hotmail.com

For general information on BC rescue email  bcra@bcra.org.au 


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