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  • Evie 2.5 yo female BC cross American Bulldog (Southern Wollongong)

  • Jedda 8 yo black and white female BC (Brisbane area)

  • Hunter 8 yo black and white full coated male BC (nr Taree, NSW)

  • Jessie 2.5 yo black and white shortcoated female BC (Canberra)

  • Lucca 4 yo black and white purebred male BC (Newcastle)

  • LucyLu 6.5 yo caramel and white purebred female BC (Northwest Brisbane)

  • Indy 8 yo black and white female BC Kelpie cross(Central Coast, NSW)


Evie --- (posted 2/4/2018) ---

Evie is a lovely and athletic girl who has developed a noise phobia, which sees her try to escape the yard if she is outside and home alone when the noise occurs. Evie can jump quite high fences, so a management strategy would be essential. This might be as simple as keeping her indoors. Evie is very smart and very trainable. She is also very fast and fit. Evie likes people and she is OK with other dogs, although small ones tend to get rounded up. She would love a home with another similar sized dog. For more info on Evie please contact Lisa on 0408 484 152.


Jedda --- (posted 5/4/2018) ---

Jedda is a lovely, mature black and white girl who is great with cats and kittens, but not suited for a home with other dogs. She is very trainable, has done obedience training, and is also now learning agility, which she loves. Jedda also loves people! For more info on Jedda please contact Julie on 0412 493 303. Note that Jedda is in SE Queensland, and interstate rehomings will not be considered.


Hunter --- (posted 8/4/2018) ---

Hunter is a gorgeous mature boy, one of two littermates living in his current household. Unfortunately, the two boys have never gotten along well, and the family have decided that both dogs would be happier living the second halves of their lives without the stress of cohabitation. Hunter is a slightly anxious boy, and he gets licky when he is excited. He loves people, especially his family, and he is not predatory with other animals. Hunter is used to be an outside dog, but he is very trainable (has an excellent recall) and he would love to spend time indoors with his family. If you have always wanted a BC but didn't want to start with a youngster, then Hunter might be perfect. For more info on Hunter please contact Vicki on 0438 532 969 or alternatively 0456 650 660.


Jessie --- (posted 9/4/2018) ---

Jessie is a lovely and sweet girl who has had a bit of misfortune in her short life. She was recently attacked by another dog, which resulted in significant surgery, from which she is now recovering. Much worse, her favourite person's circumstances have changed dramatically and Jessie cannot be given the home she is used to. A new home is sought where she can continue to have offlead walks and a full doggy life. Jessie is very social, has been to Mitchel dog training school and she loves to play!! If you are looking for a young black and white girl to join your household, and you have plans for activity for her to undertake, then Jessie might be very pleased to meet you. For more info on Jessie please contact Robert on 0402 604 929.


Lucca --- (posted 10/6/2018) ---

Lucca is a handsome black and white boy with a beautiful coat and lovely markings. He is a friendly social dog when he is out and about, and he enjoys the dog park. However, when he is at home Lucca sees his role as protector of the home and yard, and he behaves aggressively towards people he doesn't know if they attempt to enter the yard. This behaviour can probably be moderated with some effort and positive re-inforcement training. Lucca needs to learn that strangers in the yard are OK, and this will take some time to achieve. If you want a companion dog who would also warn visitors or intruders away, then he might be ideal as he is. Lucca is desexed. Lucca is not suitable for a home with small children. For more information on Lucca please contact Gianna on 0410478432


LucyLu --- (posted 16/6/2018) ---

LucyLu is an absolutely gorgeous, but insecure caramel girl who needs a new home due to an unfortunate change in circumstances. Only the exactly right home will do for this girl. LucyLu is looking for a home where she will be the only pet, and where she will only usually interact with adults or older children. She has no experience with small children and wouldn't cope. She is also very unsocial with other dogs, displaying fear aggression. This can probably be improved with time and effort (BCRA can assist) but she's unlikely to ever be a dog to take to the dog beach or park. LucyLu loves her humans, and likes nothing more than sitting or lying next to you - whatever you are doing. She is fully housetrained, and would enjoy being an indoor dog, preferably with you home for company. For more info on LucyLu please contact Chantal on 0400 662 361


Indy --- (posted 16/6/2018) ---

Indy is a very cute black and white girl with a black patch over one eye. She is super friendly, with people, including strangers and children, and also with other dogs. Indy is also very well trained. Indy is seeking a quiet location with a secure yard. She has one issue - a fairly high level of anxiety, particular around some noises. For her, the worst noise is construction work, power tools in particular. Her only solution when she gets anxious is to escape and she will dig, or climb or leap until she is away. She always comes back, but her current neighbourhood is constantly undergoing construction, and she isn't happy. If you are looking for a middle-aged, active and loving black and white dog with an easycare smooth coat, and can provide the security she needs then please contact Cassandra on 0439 043 757 or email cassandrablok@hotmail.com

For general information on BC rescue email  bcra@bcra.org.au 


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