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  • Stella 5 year old, black and white female BC Kelpie cross (Central Coast, NSW)

  • Bear 8 month old, wheaten and white male BC (Central Coast, NSW)

  • Chips 15 months old blue merle male BC (Inner west Sydney, NSW)

  • Meeko and Godzilla Two 11 months old smooth-coated male BC Kelpie crosses (Lane Cove,NSW)

  • Brutus 6 year old black and white male BC cross (Indooroopilly, Qld)

  • Roy 9 year old, black and white male BC (Brisbane, Qld)

  • 2 pups 5 week old white and wheaten special needs BCs (Catherine Field, NSW)

  • Henry almost 3 yo tricolour male BC (Mornington Pen, Vic)

  • Gypsy almost 12 month old tricolour male BC (Portland, Vic) NOTE: Gypsy is in a trial new home (24/2)

  • Milou 5 1/2 year old black and white female BC (Northcote, Melb)

  • Zelda and Link Two 5 year old female and male BCs (Tweed Heads, NSW)

  • Poppy 7 months old chocolate and white, special needs female BC (Melbourne)

  • Louie 4 year old tricolour male BC (experienced BC home only Brisbane)

  • Ruby 2.5 year old black and white female BC (Sydney northern beaches)

  • Reggie 5 year old lilac and white male BC (Phillip Island, Victoria)

  • Amigo 20 months old chocolate and white male BC (Perth, Western Australia)

  • Angus and Hamish Two young (3 year and 1 year) male BCs (Sunshine Coast, QLD)

  • Country girl Almost 18 month old red and white female BC (Eastern Melbourne)


Stella --- (posted 27/9/2019) ---

Stella is a lovely but anxious BC kelpie cross. She is a typical anxious girl, and worries about people and things that she doesn't know. She is particular worried by small people, and so a family with no small children, who are prepared to manage an anxious girl is sought. Stella loves walks, and activity, and of course, the people she knows. A new home, or a foster home is sought. For more information please contact Louisa at louisa.horne@outlook.com


Bear --- (posted 10/12/2019) ---

Bear appears a lovely and playful BC boy, only 8 months old. However Bear has serious behavioural issues and is only a prospect for an experienced and committed BC savvy home. Whilst generally easy to manage, getting on OK with other dogs, and loving being with people, Bear has no bite inhibition, and when dealing with high value treats he has bitten people, and needs careful management, to help him develop and be a safe dog to live with. Bear is a gorgeous boy, easy to fall for. But he needs just the right home, with experience to teach him boundaries and develop his character in positive ways. If you have experience with problematic BCs and are ready for a challenge, this boy might be what you are looking for ? For more info please contact Emily on 0425 239 688


Chips --- (posted 11/1/2020) ---

Chips is a gorgeous and affectionate boy who is a special needs BC. Only a home that is experienced with anxious dogs, and which can demonstrate that they have an appropriate strategy for his ongoing management will be considered. Babies and children can't be included in the mix. Chips missed his puppy socialisation window, and extensive efforts to remedy this have had no success. Chips is scared of anything new, including the outside world, children, other dogs, - the only fear he doesn't have is of noise. So Chips is hoping for a life at home, where he is not expected to go for walks to the park, or runs on the beach, but instead have games of fetch in the backyard with people he loves. Chips is on behavioural medication and this will need to be continued, along with careful management of his interaction with the world. If you think that Chips would fit into your household please contact Alexis at alexisu54@gmail.com for more info.


Meeko and Godzilla --- (posted 11/1/2020) ---

Meeko and Godzilla are a young pair of boys (one mostly black, and the other classic BC black and white markings) who's family have had a change in circumstances, and so they need new home that can commit to their ongoing management and development. Both are microchipped and fully vetted. They love people, and cuddles, and walk well on a lead. They don't bark much, and are not scared of storms, they travel well in the car, and they are housetrained. A large group in the house doesn't unsettle them, they are generally well-behaved boys. A home that can take the pair together is sought. If you would like to get more info on this ready-made black and white doggy family, then please contact Katherine at kbineham@hotmail.com


Brutus --- (posted 24/1/2020) ---

Brutus's tough sounding name belies his soft affectionate nature. He loves people, and when he knows you are his companion he will stick with you. He also gets along well with other dogs. Brutus is unhappy in storms and heavy rain, and will pace around the house. Like many BCs he is a little anxious in strange situations, and also like most BCs he loves to play, especially fetch and he loves pats and scritches and snuggles. Brutus is a big loving bear who needs a new family who have time to spend with him, particularly to make him part of their life, and undertake activities to keep him mentally and physically stimulated. For more info on Brutus please contact Jon on 0412917423 or Jade on 0498459965


Roy --- (posted 25/1/2020) ---

Roy is an affectionate mature boy who loves all people, including children. Roy gets along OK with similar sized and larger dogs, but he isn't keen on small dogs. Unfortunately his current family's circumstances have changed and he is not getting the company that he desires. Roy doesn't have any vices, but he is afraid of storms. During a storm, his sole goal is to be with a person, and if possible, lie under a table at their feet. If there isn't anyone home, then Roy will do whatever it takes to leave the yard, and find someone else who can keep him company til the storm passes. A home where there is someone home most of the time, and who might have the flexibility not to leave Roy alone when a storm is on its way, is sought. Roy loves to play fetch with a tennis ball, and he also loves splashing around his plastic shell pool. If are looking for an adult BC, and think you could give Roy the companionship he craves, then please contact Andy on 0420306324 or andymac1979@gmail.com


2 pups --- (posted 3/2/2020) ---

If you are an experienced BC home with time and empathy for a special needs puppy, there are two who will be looking for a home in 3 weeks, when they reach 8 weeks old. These two pups are blind, due to a congential defect which has prevented development of their eyes. They will never be able to see, and a decision has been made to seek a home that is able and prepared to give them the extra care, life-long, that they will need. They will still grow into active, mischievious, activity loving dogs, and will need to be helped to learn how to navigate the world, and given extra training and management as well. If you think you are up for this challenge, please contact Dom on 0417 247 064. Note that they are not available until they are 8 weeks of age. They are, as yet, unnamed.


Henry --- (posted 9/2/2020) ---

Henry is a loving, snuggly and happy boy with humans young and old. He sleeps inside at night where he can relax in his bed or near his humans. He is an active dog, with a very high retrieve drive for a ball. Henry has Border Collie Collapse Syndrome so high intensity ball throwing tires him quickly. Henry is on medication for general anxiety and is recommended that this should continue. Henry has a severe anxiety of other dogs he has not met before, but gets on extremely well with his group of familiar, long term dog pals. He would be best suited as a sole pet or with a fellow active, very friendly dog whom he can learn to trust. He requires a home environment where he can avoid other dogs passing him by as much as possible, or with loving owners who have the time and the will to work on desensitising Henry’s reactions to new dogs. Henry loves long walks and is very happy travelling in the car, but causes quite the scene when other dogs are in sight. Our circumstances have changed and we are now sadly unable to give Henry a happy and relaxed home environment or the time he deserves to spend with other loving humans. Contact Emma via email for more info, at emmakate12@live.com.au


Gypsy --- (posted 9/2/2020) ---

Gypsy is a lovely, happy boy, coming up 12 months. He is an interesting looking boy too, with tricolour highlights over a heavily ticked blue and white coat. Gypsy is desexed, microchipped, and up with all his vaccinations. There is a cat in his curent household that he loved to chase and harass. The cat seems to enjoy teasing. Gypsy has been to puppy school and is a friendly social dog. He hates water, loves walks and loves chasing the ball!! He is a bit too clever for his own good sometimes. Gypsy loves meeting other dogs too, and his recall is still a work in progress. He gets very easily distracted. He barks at the usual things - at people walking past, also barks at the mower. He is toilet trained, but doesn’t spend a lot of time inside, and currently is not left unsupervised inside. Gypsy needs a family with more time for him, to continue his training and development. A family with a doggy friend would be preferred. For more info on Gypsy please contact Kim at kimmulrooney71@hotmail.com


Milou --- (posted 10/2/2020) ---

Milou is a very beautiful and active girl who is also very smart. She loves people, and interacting with them, and with other dogs. However Milou has an independent streak which has resulted in her not yet learning to come when called (at least not if she is having fun) and also to escape from the yard looking for the fun - usually by heading to the creek one block away to play in the water. An experienced BC-savvy home which will prevent her from escaping, and give her the exercise and stimulation that she needs is sought. Consistent work on her recall, possibly by using a new word as the command, is also going to be needed is she is ever to be able to play off lead outside the yard. Only the best home with do for this girl. If you think you have what it takes to make this supersmart BC girl part of your family and can commit to providing a lifestyle where she is not a backyard dog, then please contact Josie for more information, 0427 846 243


Zelda and Link --- (posted 10/2/2020) ---

This pair's family circumstances have changed and they need to find a new home. Both are very loving and affectionate with people. (Link avoids children). Neither of them are social with other dogs they do not know. They have a moderate level of training, and both are excited when walking and pull on the lead. Zelda is very energetic and loves frisbee and water play, loves kids and snuggles, doesn't like storms, fireworks or getting her feet touched. Link was a rescue as a puppy and had a rough start in life, from this he has lost several teeth and has some issues with touching him around certain areas on his body. He really wants to be loved. A home where they can be kept together is sought. If you are afer a ready-made BC family then please contact Mitch for more info at mitch1788@hotmail.com


Poppy --- (posted 17/2/2020) ---

Poppy is a gorgeous chocolate and white 7 month old female. She is beautiful, smart, toilet trained within a few days, and learned to use the doggy door within a week or two. She is great with other dogs, humans and children. She has been well looked after, is spayed and up to date with vaccinations. Poppy is a very sweet natured dog during the day. However, at approximately 3 months, she started displaying obsessive behaviour, looking up at the ceiling, and running around, barking at dusk. Poppy is on medication at the moment, but this is to be reviewed. Her behavioural issues mean that she needs an experienced home, perhaps with children or another dog to distract her. This behaviour probably cannot be remedied, but may be managed. If you would like a sweet little BC girl, who is terrific during the day, but has issues at dusk, (she sleeps through the night), then please contact Karyn for more info on 0412108313


Louie --- (posted 18/2/2020) ---

Louie is an attractive young boy with aggression issues, which make him only suitable for an experienced BC home with no children. Louie was attacked by another dog when he was 1 yo, and he has been mentally scarred by this. He can cope with seeing other dogs in the distance when out walking, but he cannot happily interact with them. Muzzling him for walks would be an option, although this will probably increase his stress level. Louie is also very reactive, and a startling interaction from a person (including children) can result in them getting bitten. Louie is a loving and gentle soul when he isn't triggered to react in fear. He loves fetch and tug and he loves being around people and sleeping inside. Louie has a good level of basic training and is very responsive to training. Louie would make a loving and excellent companion for the right person. For more info on this boy, please contact James on 0413 220 370 or email james.b.mcculloch@gmail.com


Ruby --- (posted 19/2/2020) ---

Ruby is a sweet little girl, with beautiful eyes and a glossy, slightly curly coat. She is a typical young BC, quick to learn, loves to be with you, and loves to run! Ruby is also typical in that she has an anxious nature, and is easily startled by leaf blowing past unexpectedly, and doesn't like storms or lawn mowers. Her anxiety extends to babies and small children - she doesn't know what they are! She will snap at children in an effort to keep them at a distance. A home with no small children or babies, and a strategy to manage her interaction with any visitors, is sought. For more info please contact Jane on 0409 536 105


Reggie --- (posted 25/2/2020) ---

Reggie is a charming boy who lives happily with a family with small children. Unfortunately, the increase in time needing to be spent with the children has reduced the time that is spent with Reggie, and he barks a lot at any distractions. Reggie needs a home with a family who will give him ongoing management and training. He has only very basic training at the moment, he doesn't always come when called and he isn't housetrained, so there is a bit of work to be done. He isn't phased by the family cat, and he isn't concerned about storms. Reggie has a sun-affected nose, which will need ongoing treatment. If you would like a boy who is full of energy, looking for friends and things to do, then Reggie might be right for you. For more info please contact Stacey at sfullarton87@gmail.com


Amigo --- (posted 26/2/2020) ---

Amigo is a beautiful but difficult boy who needs an experienced adult home with a commitment to his ongoing management. Amigo is an anxious and reactive boy with a strong herding instinct, serious resource guarding issues and very poor social skills with other dogs. A home with no children and experienced adult owners is needed. On the positive side, he is a super smart boy who can cope with stacked commands. He learns very fast. He loves his rope toy and his ball, and he loves his people. If you are looking for a young BC with lots of potential, but also are prepared to manage his issues, then please contact Helen on 0403 024 504


Angus and Hamish --- (posted 27/2/2020) ---

Looking for a new home are a pair of stunning young male BCs. They will be rehomed together, if possible, but excellent homes may be considered for them singly. Angus is chocolate and white with long hair, blue eyes and striking markings. He is nearly 3 years old. He is a beautiful soul, everyone loves him. Lovely temperament. Angus does not like storms, and settles if crated when they occur. Hamish is wheaten (red) and white, and cute as a button, head strong, and nearly 1 year old. He loves to play fetch, and needs more training, He has an issue with aerosol cans, eg air freshener and he jumps up when you go to spray. They both love off-leash beach running and going in the water. They have bonded well, but could be separated for the right homes. Neither of them like the leaf blower. They have both been brought up since pups with 2 rescue cats and have no issues with them. Both will benefit from ongoing training, and of course, plenty of exercise. For more info on these two lovely boys please contact Allyson at allypenfold@yahoo.com.au


Country girl --- (posted 27/2/2020) ---

This sweet red and white girl has been rehomed from a property in the country, and she is struggling to settle in her new home, as she is overwhelmed by the changes in her world. Her life experience is minimal. Walking on lead is new. Roads and cars are new. People and other animals that she hasn't met before are all new. This girl needs a home which can accomodate her, initially to let her quietly settle into a new environment with no time pressures - it might take a week, it might take longer. And then she needs a gradual introduction to her new world, with some positive training, and learning to enjoy a game, and developing some self-confidence. If you are dog-savvy home with no other dogs, or the capacity to manage your dogs so that they can be quiet and alone and feel safe if they need to be, then you might be just what this girl needs. If you are interested in helping this girl, please phone Julie on 0421 203 619 between 8:30am and 8:30pm (please) or email bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com

For general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


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