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  • Cash Special needs - 7 month old blue merle male BC cross Koolie (Ipswich, QLD)

  • Jodi almost 3 yo, special needs, black and white female BC (Sydney)

  • Jax 8.5 yo black and white, full coat male BC (wollongong, NSW)

  • Hunter Almost 4 year old pure bred male BC (Sydney)

  • Boomer Almost 4 year old classic black and white, pure bred male BC (Shepparton, Vic)

  • Mia 6 year old, medium coat black and white female BC (Central Coast, NSW)

  • Zack 5 year old, classic black and white male BC (ACT)

  • Minti 4 year old, smooth coat, black and white female BC (nr Brisbane)

  • Bindi 18 months old, classic black and white female BC (Newcastle)

  • Mini Maddie 12 months old, medium coat, black and white female BC (Sydney)

  • Bonza 2 years old, full coat, classic, black and white male BC (Braidwood)


Cash --- (posted 29/12/2018) ---

Cash is a stunning young boy who needs an experienced and committed BC home with no small children and preferably no other dogs. Cash is extremely affectionate and is never far away from his favourite people. Cash is extremely intelligent and learns fast when adopting modern reinforcement-based training. Cash struggles with anxiety (not serious separation anxiety) especially with strange sounds and scary objects (e.g. kids on bikes, riding in cars etc). Cash is also an extreme resource guarder around food. He has a bite history due to the resource guarding. Although Cash will show bite inhibition initially (no punctures), if he feels this isn’t working, he will bite as hard as required. For this reason, he is currently in temporary housing with a positive reinforcement trainer who is working with Cash’s anxiety levels, handling issues and guarding triggers with good short-term results (videos available for viewing). With the right home, a good management plan, and support from a positive reinforcement trainer, Cash could a great addition to any home. Might you be that home? If you think you might, then please call Molly on 0402698961.


Jodi --- (posted 14/2/2018) ---

Jodi is a gorgeous black and white girl with one stunning blue eye, and a petite build. She is a girl with challenges, and a home experienced with BCs, and ready for a project, is sought. Jodi is a very smart, edgy girl who needs considerable behavioural training and management to help her cope with life. She's the dog version of a human stresshead, and her family will need to help her slowly settle and be able to be comfortable with the world. Jodi is not aggressive, but life isn't currently easy for her. A behavioural management program and medication will be required for some time. If you are an experienced BC home, looking for a challenge, and the rewards that come with helping a stressed BC, then please contact Julie on 0421 203 619.


Jax --- (posted 7/3/2019) ---

Jax is a lovely boy who just loves people. He is not well socialised with other dogs, and prefers to avoid them. He did grow up with another BC, but now he is the only dog, and he has become a bit of a yard guard dog. He will bark at problems. Jax is a little noise sensitve and will also bark at storms, like most BCs. Jax's family has changed and they want to find a new home that will have the time to spend with him, and give him the home he deserves. For more info please contact Nicole on 0422 692 952


Hunter --- (posted 22/4/2019) ---

Hunter is a loving, happy and smart BC who mostly co-exists well with a family, including children and some cats. Unfortunately Hunter has a resource-guarding issue with food, and he will use his teeth to re-inforce his possession. A home with experience with a resource guarder, with a preparedness to take on the management that this requires is sought. Hunter is toilet trained, used to being an indoor/outdoor dog, unphased by cats, walks on a lead, and likes to play fetch. He loves tunmmy scritches and long walks. Hunter is desexed and chipped. For more info on Hunter please contact Marina on 0425258237 or Martin on 0425266499, using sms.


Boomer --- (posted 22/4/2019) ---

Boomer is an absolutely stunning boy who has an anxiety issue. He is a very healthy boy, who loves people, but is very uncertain with other dogs, and this is making his life difficult. A home where he can be the only dog, and have his interactions with other dogs managed is sought. Boomer needs gentle positive reinforcement of interactions with other dogs, probably under the guidance of an experienced trainer or behaviourist. He may never be a confident dog in some situations. However it would be great to improve his state of mind and help him relax. For more info on Boomer please contact Daniel at brophy_21@hotmail.com


Mia --- (posted 5/5/2019) ---

Mia is a quiet and loving girl who's family circumstances have changed and they can no longer manage her. Mia is able to escape from the yard, and in order to keep her safe she is having to be tethered when there is no-one home, and at night. A home that will undertake to keep her contained, indoors or in a secure yard is sought. Mia has no specific vices, apart from escaping, especially during storms. She would probably love to learn to be an indoor dog. For more info on Mia please contact Steve on 0429 000 102


Zack --- (posted 9/5/2019) ---

Zack is currently in a kennel as his family have moved in different directions and none of them have the capacity to care for him. Zack is very cute with an almost entirely black face, and a white nose. He has a full classic balck and white coat. He loves his human pack, and is cautious about new people and also sometimes new dogs. Some work on his social skills would proabbly make him more relaxed in these circumstances. He's pretty calm about cats. For more information please contact Jeff at jeffg2303@icloud.com or jeff.garret@janrule.com.au


Minti --- (posted 22/5/2019) ---

Minti is a very sweet, somewhat anxious girl who is not getting enough mental or physical stimulation in her current home. A home that wants to have her as part of their active lives every day is sought. Minti is OK with children, but her jumping and barking can scare them. She currently lives happily with a 9 yo boy and another dog. Minti can't resist stalking the other dog, which is not appreciated, or chasing her, when a ball is thrown. Minti is somewhat apprehensive when she encounters strange dogs when out walking, and a gentle program of continued positive re-inforcement for interactions with other dogs, would be a good approach. Minti loves chasing cats, and so a home that doesn't have cats would be best. Minti is still young and has a lot of love to give. She needs a home that will put a little time into her continued development. If you are looking for a new black and white family member who will love you unconditionally then maybe Minti is the girl for you. For more info please contact Abbey on 0490111333 or email artymamma@gmail.com


Bindi --- (posted 22/5/2019) ---

Bindi is a gorgeous classic girl with a bit of anxiety. Her family love her to bits, and they have realised that their lifestyle is leaving them no time to spend with Bindi. She is being left to herself, without sufficient mental or physical stimulation. Bindi is both active and reactive. She wants to be doing stuff! - and if presented with something that disconcerts her she may decide to bark at it to chase it away... which in turn disconcerts everyone around her. She currently lives with children and other animals, two dogs and two cats. This is pretty harmonious, although Bindi does like to herd the smaller dog. Bindi has a moderate level of training and walks on lead. What she now needs is a family who want to do agility or another active dog sport, where she can use her brain, and her legs, and also build her confidence. Bindi is currently on a low dose of anti-anxiety medication, which would need to be maintained. She is fully vetted and desexed. For more info on Bindi please contact Rowan on 0434606337


Mini Maddie --- (posted 22/5/2019) ---

Mini Maddie is a petite, sweet girl with a few freckles on her nose and soft ears. Very cute. Her owner has a difficult set of circumstances to deal with, and Maddie isn't able to get the exercise or attention she should have. Especially at this young age, Maddie needs to be being trained, and exercised. Maddie loves people including children. She is very bouncy, so care needs to be taken if they interact. Desexing will be a condition of her rehoming. Maddie has a grass allergy and at some times of the year this adversely affects her skin and coat, and it will need to be managed, with medication and care. For more info on this lovely little girl please contact Louise on 0420 356 063.


Bonza --- (posted 22/5/2019) ---

Bonza has very sadly lost his owner, and he is looking for a new special person in his life. He is a stunning looking boy, he loves to herd sheep, 'tho he isn't really trained. An active household with plans for incorporating doggy activity into every day is sought, to give Bonza focus for his energy. For more info on Bonza please contact Jacquelin on 0490 172 064

For general information on BC rescue email  bcra@bcra.org.au 


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